Friday, January 6, 2017

A Year in Review & Best and Worst Reads of 2016

Hi all!  Now that the holidays are over I am back to wrap up the year that was 2016 and my reading statistics.  I love statistics so I am going to recap the books I read last year.  First, lets start with the grand total... I read a grand total of 70 books!!  Whoot, whoot!!  My goal was to read 60 and I am pleased to report I was able to meet that and more!  Now lets break it down even further. 

By Genre
Contemporary: 28
Fantasy: 1
Historical: 12
Historical Paranormal: 1
Mystery: 7
Paranormal: 3
Romantic Suspense: 7
Urban Fantasy: 4
Young Adult: 7

Clearly, I tend to lean towards contemporary romance.  However, I am surprised by how low are my Urban Fantasy/Paranormal numbers.

By Rating
5 Stars: 6
4 Stars: 43
3 Stars: 17
2 Stars: 2
1 Star: 2

This does not surprise me.  I am pretty stingy with my 5 star ratings.  I only give 5 stars if the book is damn near perfect and I would consider reading it again.  Most of the books fall under the 4 star range, because they entertained me and I enjoyed them.

By How I Obtained the Book
Bought: 11
Library: 15
RT Book Convention: 44

Yes!! My goal was to try and whittle down my TBR pile that I have obtained over the years from attending the RT book convention.  I am very happy to see that the majority of the books I read, were the ones I received at RT.  Not to mention that I only bought 11 books.  I feel that this is a SERIOUS VICTORY!!

Best Book I Read

Kiss An Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Loved this one.  Takes place in a circus of all places and had me in absolute stiches.  LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!  You can read my review here.

Worst Book I Read

Rainfall by Melissa Delport

I read this for book club and was seriously disappointed.  I feel that it was advertised as a romance and a romance it was not.  Beware.... No HEA.  Now you can understand why I was very unhappy with the outcome! I will also mention, the writing was hard to read.  My impression would be that English was not the author's first language, or that maybe they were not American.  There were subtle language nuances that felt strange.   Really though, my big beef was the ending, so I can't go into details without giving spoilers.

How did you all do?  Did you meet your reading goals for 2016?


Rowena said...

I LOVE KISS AN ANGEL!!! Alex was so swoonworthy once he stopped being such a douche canoe. Ha! My reading goal for this year is to read more from my TBR pile as well.

Good luck, Jill on your goals for this year and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Jill D. said...

Hi Rowena!

Yes, Kiss An Angel was so awesome. I just love SEP!! Her angsty early stuff is so good!! I hope you have a great 2017!