Sunday, February 8, 2009

Series Sunday - The Bridgertons

Ahhhh, The Bridgertons. It's like revisiting with old friends who I haven't had the pleasure of seeing in a while. When I first started reading romance one of the first books I ever read was Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. Little did I know that this was the third book in an eight book series about the fun loving Bridgerton family. Since, I am considering The Viscount Who Loved Me for Nath's re-read challenge, I thought I would do a post about this wonderful series.

This series is set in England during the regency era. It is about a family of eight children all now grown each finding a love of their own. They are a very close knit family and while I would not call them dysfunctional, they are far from perfect. Julia Quinn has managed to balance the right amount of humor with angst and it is a winning combination, indeed. I personally don't feel like the books need to be read in order for full enjoyment. I didn't read them in order (gasp), and I got along just fine and loved them all. For those that are interested:

Here is the series publication order:
1. The Duke and I (Daphne and Simon)
2. The Viscount Who Loved Me (Anthony and Kate)
3. An Offer from a Gentleman (Benedict and Sophie)
4. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (Colin and Penelope)
5. To Sir Phillip, With Love (Eloise and Phillip
6. When He Was Wicked (Francesca and Michael)
7. It's In His Kiss (Hyacinth and Gareth)
8. On the Way to the Wedding (Gregory and Lucinda)

Julia Quinn has a lovely website just brimming over with information about this series including a family tree and 2nd epilogues for many of these books. If you are interested definitely check it out.


Lori said...

Yes. Love this series. OK, well, except To Sir Phillip, With Love. That was kind of a snoozer. But Benedict and Colin's books were the first two I read, and they both seriously rocked.

nath said...

I thought the beginning of the series was very good, but afterwards...t he last two books were meh.

Tracy said...

I have really liked this series so far. I have the last two books in the series still to read (the ones that Nath say are meh! lol) But I'll get to them eventually!

Jill D. said...

I haven't read the last two books either! I kind of lost interest after everyone said they weren't as good as the first books. I believe On His Way to the Wedding won a RITA. I may go back and read them, but I can't say for definite.

Chantal said...

this is my all time favourite historical series.