Sunday, April 19, 2009

Series Sunday - Virgin River

The Virgin River series by Robyn Carr takes place in the quaint little mountain town of Virgin River, California. This series is straight contemporary and deals with a wide range of subjects from substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, teenage pregnancy and many more. Readers will be easily drawn into the stories with characters who are richly drawn with compelling struggles.

So far, I have only had to pleasure of reading two of the books in this delightful series and I have loved each one. From my experience, I would suggest reading this series in order. The stories tend to blend together continuing where one left off. Each book does have a lead female and lead male protagonist with a conclusive story. But there are secondary characters that continue story lines throughout the books. Everything is smoothly touched on so if you do jump in the middle or go a long time between books, the story still comes seamlessly together.

Series Reading Order:

1. Virgin River (Mel and Jack)
2. Shelter Mountain (Paige and Preacher)
3. Whispering Rock (Brie and Mike)
4. A Virgin River Christmas (Marcie and Ian)
5. Second Chance Pass (Vanni and Paul)
6. Tempation Ridge (Shelby and Luke)
7. Paradise Valley (Liz and Rick)


nath said...

Have you read the rest of the series, Jill?

Tracy said...

Oh I have Paradise Valley just sitting and waiting for me - patiently. :) I really like this series. It's very sweet - and not high on reality (in some parts of it) but who needs reality in books? lol

Jill D. said...

Nath, I just finished Shelter Mountain yesterday. I have yet to get to the rest of them.

Tracy, By the reality part, are you possible refering to the men who know how to act perfectly in every possible situation? It seems to me they can almost do no wrong :) I am not really complaining because it is escapism at its best and she really is a wonderful story teller.

Christine said...

I had to laugh after reading Tracy's comment about this series not being high on reality, because I was going to say how I see this series everywhere and that readers seem to really love it... but it's never piqued my interest because it seems too serious and too close to the realities I see in the lives around me. But, uh ... maybe not. LOL

Jill D. said...

Christine, I would say that the issues dealt with in the book are realistic and very heartfelt and touching. What I think Tracy meant by her "reality" comment were in reference to the heroes. They go above and beyond a higher standard than any man could live up too. It seems as if they almost can read the heroine better than herself and know exactly what she needs. Of course, all this is my interpretation, you might want to talk to Tracy though, to clarify :)