Sunday, June 7, 2009

Series Sunday - Black Jewels Trilogy

As many of you know I have been reading Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy. Now this trilogy is actually straight fantasy, not romance. Anne Bishop has managed to create a fascinating world where woman rule and men are subservient. The series revolves around Jaenelle, a powerful witch who will cleanse the land of Evil. Jaenelle starts off the series as a child and by the third book is a grown woman. It is a classic tale of Good vs. Evil with a few twists added in to keep things interesting. Bishop does not shy away from making the Evil truly evil, so this series is not for the faint of heart. Don't fear, because there is a good balance of light hearted moments interspersed with the bad.

I have read the first three books in the trilogy and thought initially that was all there was to this series. After reading the third book, I discovered that there were some questions left unanswered. Not too fear, it seems that the anthology Dreams Made Flesh answers these questions. Then in The Shadow Queen, new characters emerge in the same world. I would highly recommend reading these books in order. They build off one another and if read out of order they might confuse the reader.

Series Reading Order:

1. Daughter of the Blood
2. Heir to the Shadows
3. Queen of the Darkness
4. The Invisible Ring
5. Dreams Made Flesh
6. Tangled Webs
7. The Shadow Queen


Maija said...

I have to start this series at some point.
You mentioned that this is fantasy series. Is there still enough romance in the books to satisfy a romance reader?

Jill D. said...

Maija, Hmmm that is a good question. I think that if you start reading the books knowing that there isn't a lot of romance you won't be disappointed. The characters are what drive the story. And Bishop is a good story teller and these are great characters. I think you would enjoy the books, but Daemon and Jaenelle's relationship is not the focus of the books. The relationship is there, and I think you will like it, but just not as much focus is given as there would be in a romance. Does this make sense? I hope I have helped :)

Maija said...

Yep, I understand :) I'll have to try this series. I have another book by her in my TBR-pile (Sebastian). I think I'm going to read that first and get to know her style...

Anonymous said...

Maija, You should read Black Jewels first, I think its her best work.

Jenny Girl said...

I have this book sitting on my shelf. I just can't get to it though. Great review and thanks for the list.