Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 1 2017: New Year's Resolutions

I have a confession to make.  I am one of those people who love to make new year resolutions.  Yep.  I am very goal oriented... have been pretty much my whole life and I like to plan every thing out.  I am sure for those who have spent any amount of time with me, have probably figured this out.  Therefore, every year, when the first of the new year roles around, I am ready to set some goals and embrace a new me. 

Right now, I am calling her Jilly 2.0.  She is going to be the skinnier, healthier, better blogging, more informed version of Jill 1.0.  Its going to be great!  Fantastic!  Terrific!

What do I have in store for 2017?

1.  Lose some damn weight!! 

Well, I have already begun a running for weight loss program.  Basically, it is an app that you can download for free.  You choose your fitness level and it will map out an 8-week running program for you.  I chose beginner and each week I run 3 days.  If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably seen my updates.

I also am taking a yoga class at my gym twice a week.  The stretching does a body good and they usually throw in some core/stomach exercises.  Now my diet is a whole other issue.  I need to cut back on the wine and fried foods.  Every time I eat out, I somehow seem to zero in on the fattiest, most caloric dish on the menu.  This will be my biggest challenge!!

2.  Post regularly to my blog!!

I managed to make a blogging comeback in 2016.  I started out strong, but the posts quickly seemed to taper off.  Yikes!! That is not a good track record.  I have decided that I need to post at least once a week.  My goal will be to at least write one post on Sunday.  Maybe it will be a recap of the week or a book review.  I am going to try real hard to stay consistent with my blogging.

3.  Read 75 books!!

I have decided to challenge myself to read a little bit more than I did last year.  I managed 60 books last year and I am hoping to move that up to 75 for this year.  That means I need to read about 6 books a month.  So far I have read 1 book for this year.  Can I get the pacing right?!?

On reflecting back on the week.  I started out strong.  I managed to get in two runs and two yoga workouts at the beginning of the week.  But then I had to leave for a work conference in Savannah, Georgia on Thursday.  Things took a serious nose dive when faced with many yummy seafood dishes and glasses of wine.  Good news is that I managed to write this post!  You have to take your victories where you can get them, LOL!

I hope you all have had a great start to your 2017.  How have you fared with your resolutions?

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Rowena said...

Happy New Year, Jill! I wish you the best of luck on your resolutions. I have every faith that you will rock them all!