Sunday, October 26, 2008

Series Sunday - Guardians, Meljean Brook

The Guardian Series by Meljean Brook is an awesome addition to paranormal romance. Ms. Brook has built a fantastic alternate reality incorporating religious nuances into her mythology. It's fresh and new and very well written. According to her website, you do not have to read the books in order and each book stands on its own, with a self contained plot. Characters do frequently reappear in all books and there are overlaying events between books. She has a Guardian Primer that answers series questions. For those readers who would like to jump into the series with the new release Demon Bound due out November 4th, this Primer is your ticket to staying current with the series.

1. Falling for Anthony (Story in "Hot Spell", Anthony Ramsdell & Emily Ames-Beaumont)
2. Demon Angel (Hugh Castleford & Lilith)
3. Paradise (Story in "Wild Thing", Lucas Marsden & Selah)
4. Demon Moon (Colin Ames-Beaumont & Savitri Murray)
5. Demon Night (Ethan "Drifter" McCabe & Charlie Newcomb)
6. Thicker Than Blood (Story in "First Blood", Jack Harrington & Annie Gallagher)
7. Demon Bound (Jake Hawkins & Alice Grey)
8. Demon Forged (Alejandro and Irena)


Jessica said...

Just chiming in to say Amazon is telling me Demon Bound will be here November 6, but I am hoping I get lucky and it shows up a few days early.

I was just re-skimming Demon Night and remembering how much I liked it. What a wonderful hero Ethan was! All her heroes are great!

nath said...

I can't wait for Demon Bound!! So excited!!!

I personally think this is a great series :) yes, it's confusing, but the characters really make it up :) Somehow, I missed your review for Demon Night... Hmmm, how did that happen ^_^;

Jill D. said...

Jessica, I got the November date from Meljean's website.

I might need to do a little skimming of Demon Night too. Just as a little refresher.

Nath, Yep, it should be great!

Leslie said...

Thanks for posting this info Jill. This is one series I haven't read yet but based on all the positive comments I read everywhere I need to start.

I also wanted to tell you I like your Series Sunday posts. There are so many series to keep track of I'll take all the help I can get. : )

Christine said...

I lurve Meljean Brook. Such sexy, smart, in depth writing. I can't wait for Demon Bound--less than one week! WOoT!

Jill D. said...

Leslie, Thanks for you kind words about Series Sunday. I decided to start doing it to help myself keep track, as well as others. I plan on updating my sidebar with links to my Series Sunday posts.

I have read the first three full length novels, but I need to go back and read the novellas.

Christine - Woot!