Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review - A SEAL's Pleasure

Title: A SEAL's Pleasure
Author: Tawny Weber
Publishing Date: 2015
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: B-
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: I received this book in a goodie bag at the RT book convention 2016.

A SEAL's Pleasure is book number eight in the Uniformly Hot SEALS series.  Ugh!  I have not been reading this series in order.  I read A SEAL's Touch (book 10) first and really enjoyed it.  Then I tried this one next because I already had it.  But eh, this was probably a mistake.  Because this book took place around another SEAL couple's wedding, of which the hero, Gabriel is the Best Man and the heroine,  Tessa is the Maid of Honor.  I went and did my research and the couple getting married is featured in A SEAL's Secret (book 7). 

Gabriel is Mr. Hottie.  As a SEAL, he always wins in everything he sets out to do.  His MO is to be with the ladies and leave them satisfied, but not with attachments.  "Love them and set them free" is his motto.  But then he runs into Tessa and for the first time he is interested in romantic entanglements.  Surprise, surprise, Tessa knows right away upon meeting Gabriel that he spells trouble.  She has no room in her life for romantic relationships and she figures her best approach would be a wham, bam, get him out of my system approach.  Needless to say, these two have some issue to work out!!

Let me say I really like Tawny Weber's writing style.  She has fast moving storylines with relatable characters.  She can easily draw you into a story.  While I enjoyed this story, there were a few things that bugged me.  Mostly, I really felt that there was a lot more to this story that could have been expanded upon.  I was very interested in some of the external struggles that were happening with Gabriel and his teammates and also with Tessa and her company.  These definitely could have been explored more in the storyline.  Instead it felt like the story centered over Gabriel and Tessa's relationship reluctance a little too much.  Also, it seemed as though the couple wasn't together a lot of the book. 

I enjoy Ms. Weber's writing and need to start at the beginning of this series!

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Lover Of Romance said...

oh it can be a bit disappointing when your reading a romance but the couple isn't together that much. I do love SEAL based romances though and haven't picked this author yet up. Great review.