Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review - The Wicked Duke

Title: The Wicked Duke
Author: Madeline Hunter
Publishing Date: May 2016
Genre: Historical
Rating: B-
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: I purchased an ebook.

The Wicked Duke is the third book in Madeline Hunter's Wicked Trilogy.  This is Lancelot Hemingford's book.  The first two books in the series involved his brothers, Gareth and Ives.  I read both of those books (actually, Hunter is an auto buy for me).  My favorite of the trilogy was Ives' story, Tall, Dark and Wicked.  If you are going to tackle this trilogy, I recommend reading them in order because the mystery surrounding Percy's death and the brothers' circumstances are carried throughout all three books.

The Duke of Alyesbury has been accused of murdering his brother the former Duke, Percy.  Alyesbury is rusticating at his country estate while hoping that the gossip surrounding him dies down.  While in the country, he meets his neighbor's niece, Marianne Radley.  The Duke can's help but be drawn to Marianne's presence she helps to bring a lightness to Lance in this dark time in his life.  Marianne is hesitant to be around the Duke because of the gossip surrounding him, but Lance is enjoying the chase.

The Wicked Duke is a solid conclusion to the Wicked Trilogy, but it was not my favorite of the series.  I think, for me, it was difficult to really like Lance as a hero - at least in the beginning.  He is cast as the anti-hero, the bad boy.  It takes a while to warm up to him and his circumstances.  For Marianne, she is a caretaker.  She is a strong lead heroine, but has just enough vulnerability that the Duke can come in and rescue her.  Both are keeping secrets from each other that provides angst, but not overly so.  A good solid read that I enjoyed, it just wasn't my favorite.


Lover Of Romance said...

oh lovely review. I really need to pick this one up. I fell in love with the first book. Anti Heroe's aren't always the easiest to read and even though it wasn't your favorite, I am still looking forward to this one. And man I would buy it for the cover alone---so well done.

Jill D. said...

Renee - True, true that is a lovely cover. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it, when you get to it.