Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Columbia Restuarant's 1905 Salad

One of my favorite restaurants to eat at is the Columbia.  This is a very historic Cuban restaurant that was founded in 1905.  According to the website, they claim to be the oldest restaurant in Florida and the largest Spanish restaurant in the world. 

Columbia, Ybor City
They have seven restaurants throughout Florida.  The original is in Ybor City, the historical neighborhood in Tampa.  I have been to the one in Ybor City and the one in St. Augustine. 

Me and DH at Columbia, Ybor City

The Columbia is the type of restaurant for a celebration.  It is a wonderful dining experience and not on the cheap side.  So save up for a special occasion.  My DH and I went to the one in Tampa for our sixteenth wedding anniversary.  This was his first time and I made sure that he tried the 1905 salad.  The Columbia is famous for its 1905 salad.  OMG is it very delicious and might very well be one of my favorite salads EVER!!!

Columbia's 1905 salad
What makes this salad so delicious you ask?  First, I think it has to do with the fact they toss the salad at your table to make it as fresh as possible.  Its a very simple salad consisting of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, green olives, ham, Swiss cheese and their salad dressing.  I watched our waiter like a hawk when he brought out our salad.  He squeezed a lemon on the salad, sprinkled Worchester sauce, added the salad dressing and then tossed it.

After our dinner that night, we decided to stop in the gift shop.  Guess what they had for sale?!?!?!  The 1905 salad dressing.  I decided to buy a bottle of the dressing and DH bought a bottle of bourbon.  They also sell various herb infused oils and vinegars, coffee beans, cigars, etc.

Last night, I attempted to recreate the 1905 salad at home. I feel my attempt was pretty decent.  While it wasn't exactly like what I had at the restaurant; it was pretty darn close.  My only issue is that while I shook up the salad dressing, well, the seasonings seem to settle back on the bottom very quickly.  I have a feeling when I get close to the bottom of the bottle, those salads will be flavor intense!

My attempt at the 1905 salad!

If ever you are in Florida and have the chance, I highly recommend making a reservation for this unique restaurant.  If you have had the pleasure of dining at the Columbia, what dishes did you try and love?


Rowena said...

Holy cow, that salad sounds fantastic. I'll have to put it on my bucket list. I love trying out new to me restaurants. Thanks for this Jill!

Jill D. said...

Your welcome Rowena! I hope you make it down to Florida and get to try it out.