Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2007: A Year in Review

Total number of books I read: 216 (Holy Cow! I read A LOT!)
Books I read that were published in 2007: 73

Here is a ranking of the books I read and how many fell into each rating.

A or A- = 29
B+, B or B- = 149
C+, C or C- = 35
D = 2
F = 1
DNF = 3

I bet you are wondering what book I read that I gave a F rating. It was Hot For It by Melissa MacNeal. I hate to be mean, but trust me when I say, "Steer clear."

Now here are the same books but categorized by genre.

Contemporary = 27
Erotic = 14
Frontier = 8
Historical = 60
Medieval = 26
Paranormal = 37
Suspense = 47

I am surprised to see just how many historical novels I read, and by historical I mean a historical that takes place during the Regency, Georgian or Victorian period. This really isn't my favorite genre, but it has by far the highest number of books read. This is interesting. I wonder if this is because, proportionally more of this type of romance is written.

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Julie Hilton Steele said...

Looking forward to more of your postings. Always willing to support another RT fan!

Peace, Julie (sissteele on the boards)