Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Review - Midnight's Bride

Title: Midnight’s Bride
Author: Sophia Johnson
Publishing Date: October 2007
Genre: Medieval
Rating: DNF (Did Not Finish)
Sensuality: DNF

Netta is the daughter of Baron Wycliffe, who is a cruel father who wants to marry Netta off to the first husband he can find. Netta has been doing a good job of scaring away her suitors by any means possible. Meet Mereck of Blackthorn; who is a Welsh barbarian, nicknamed Baresark. It is said he becomes an animal when enraged on the battlefield. Mereck comes to castle Wycliffe, and meets Netta. She ends up on a trip to Caer Caldwell with her friend Elise and Mereck is their escort.

This is all the summarizing I am going to do because it is very confusing and, ultimately, I did not finish this book. I only made it half way through before I finally gave up. It is very hard to follow this story with all of the characters involved. I could not keep track of who was from where and how they all were tied into the story. On top of all that, the characters all seem very one-dimensional. Netta is sickeningly sweet and naive. Mereck is the typical dominant male, walking around thinking “mine, mine, mine” when it came to Netta. Also, Netta has the stereo-typical “Eeevil Father”. You know the one who beats her and is willing to marry her off to another “Eeevil Villian” just so he can be rid of her and have more wealth. My overall impression of this book is boring, boring, boring with confusion mixed in.

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