Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rating System

I read for pleasure, mainly romances with some general fiction, urban fantasy and chick lit thrown in the mix. The books I read mainly come from the library or are books that I bought. Occasionally, a publisher sends me a book they want reviewed. I write reviews for all of the books I read and try to be as honest as possible about my opinions on those books. The following are general guidelines on how I rate them.

A - I absolutely love everything about this book. It doesn't get any better than this. It has originality, great characters and wonderful prose. I would read this book again and probably multiple times.

B - Overall a very well written story with strong character development or world building. Although, I may have one or two minor quibbles with it.

C - An average read that is not bringing anything ground breaking as far as orginality. I may have difficulty in keeping the pages turning with this one.

D - Major problems abound with bad writing and one-dimensional characters. It may also have gaps in the storyline or a disappointing plot. I would have to push myself to finish reading it.

F - Don't waste your time on this one, run screaming for the hills. I think I will poke my eyes out now, because I never want to see this book again.

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