Monday, January 5, 2009

Re-Read Challenge 2009

Nath from over at Books, Books and more Books has started a new reading challenge and I think it is a wonderful idea, so I am on board. It is Re-Read Challenge 2009. The rules are very simple. All you have to do is re-read a book from your keeper shelf once a month and post your review on the last day of the month. You can go to Nath's website and check out the details of the contest here.

Personally, I think this a great challenge because there are many of my favorite books that I don't have reviews for and it seems to me like it would be a good idea to have reviews of my favorite books. Of course, the other aspect of this challenge after re-reading an old favorite is to see if it stood the test of time. My reading tastes have changed over the years and it would be interesting to see if what I once loved is still as great as I first thought it to be.

Here are the books I have chosen:

January - Die for You, Linda Howard
February - Historical (choice based on poll winner)
March - Weekend, Christopher Pike
April - Spell of the Highlander, Karen Marie Moning
May - A Kingdom of Dreams, Judith McNaught
June - Trust Me, Jayne Ann Krentz
July - Outlander, Diana Gabaldon
August - contemporary (choice based on poll winner)
September - Shadow Touch, Marjorie M. Liu
October - Lucky's Lady, Tami Hoag
November - Rage of Angels, Sydney Sheldon
December - Nightfall, Anne Stuart

You'll notice that February and August don't have an actual book chosen. I had several books I wanted to read, but alas not enough months in which to read them all. I came up with (what I thought was a clever solution) to have a poll and let you readers decide on which book you would like for me to review.

In February, I have decided on a historical theme and the book contenders are as follows:

The Duke, Gaelen Foley
The Bride, Julie Garwood
The Promise of Jenny Jones, Maggie Osborne
The Viscount Who Loved Me, Julia Quinn

In August, the theme is contemporary and the book contenders are:

Baby I'm Yours, Susan Andersen
Bet Me, Jennifer Crusie
Men in Kilts, Katie MacAlister
Heiress for Hire, Erin McCarty

I will hold the historical poll in January and the contemporary poll in July.


Lori said...

OMG, I can't believe you've already picked out your books! Dang, you are organized. I'm gonna have to go where the feeling takes me, I think.

Kris said...

I have a idea of maybe books but I have not made a list, you are the Woman :) Great choices.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - You ARE organized aren't you? I was planning on just going down to the 'library' and see which one is screaming at me the loudest.

nath said...

LOL, Kristie is absolutely right, you ARE VERY organized!! Sounds like fun to me :D

Glad you're in by the way and again, thanks soooo much for the icon.

Bev(QB) said...

Oooo, I already now which books I'll vote for!

But, Jill, you're going to re-read Outlander? Seriously? Man, you are REALLY committed to this thing, aren't you? That is one loooong ass book!

Tracy said...

I'm with Lori! I can't believe you've picked out your books already! Of course if I did that I wouldn't have to hem and haw when trying to pick out a book! lol Great list.

Rowena said...

Great list of books you have over here, I love it!

As for your poll, I guess I'll wait ever so patiently for the polls to go up, I'm so anxious!

Jill D. said...

LMAO!! I know I am such a dork!! I just figured if I went and posted my books then I would be more committed and more likely to complete the challenge and take it seriously.

As for Outlander, I know, what was I thinking!! I have really been wanting to read it again but it is soooo long. I figured with the challenge I would be more motivated. We shall see...

Leslie said...

Great list Jill! Wow, I remember reading Rage of Angels years ago and loved it.

I see a few that I'm thinking of rereading: McNaught, Garwood and Osborne have all made my potential list. Still haven't decided.

Christine said...

Have fun with this challenge! I'm going to enjoy reading everyone's re-reading posts from the sidelines.

Jill D. said...

Leslie, I was a teenager when I read my first Sydney Sheldon novel. I don't think it was Rage of Angels, but for some reason I remember that book. I can't wait to reread it and see if it still is as good as I thought it was back then.

Seneca said...

It's great how organized you are!
I already read my first re-read book. I even wrote the review. It's sitting in my drafts waiting to be posted on the last day of the month.

I'm intrigued with the books you have chosen.

I could not finished Trust Me, (I thought it was boring), and I hated Outlander.
Lucky's Lady was a good one, although by the end I didn't much like the heroine.

For the polls I vote for The Bride and Bet Me!

Jill D. said...

Seneca, WOW! Really? You hated Outlander? Just curious - why?

I loved Lucky's Lady. The hero was super yummy. I love a dark mysterious bad boy.