Monday, January 26, 2009

Review - The Vampire Queen's Servant

Title: The Vampire Queen's Servant
Author: Joey W. Hill
Publishing Date: 2007
Genre: Paranormal (Erotic)
Rating: B+
Sensuality: Burning

Lady Lyssa is the last remaining vampire Royal Queen. Even though she is immortal her health has been failing because of a mysterious disease. She is currently without a human servant to protect and manage her estates. She does not want to find another servant because of her close relationship that she had with Thomas who was her previous one. He recently died and she still isn't quite over his death. When Lyssa goes to her favorite salon to have a manicure, her usual manicurist is replaced with a delicious specimen of a man, Jacob. He has a letter explaining to her that Thomas spent his last dying days training this man to become her servant.

I found the The Vampire Queen's Servant to be a very interesting mix of components. On the one hand, it is a very sensual and dark book. Vampires like to dominate when they are having sex. The sex is more pleasurable when they can have a person submit willingly to them. Lyssa is drawn to Jacob because he is so virile and masculine. For him to submit willingly to her is like the taming of a great beast. It goes against Jacob's instincts to allow Lyssa to dominate him and for him to submit to her shows her how much he trusts and loves her. It was really interesting so see this dynamic between these two characters. Definitely, never a dull moment in the bedroom and just a warning; some of the sex might be too much for some readers.

Even though the book has its darker moments, there were also times when I felt there was an innocence to Lyssa and Jacob. It was as if they held a child's curiosity or a child's ability to live in the moment and just appreciate it for what it is. There is one scene in particular that takes place in a fountain at the mall. The way it was described in the book had me read it as if the characters were in slow motion. I could picture so clearly the drops of water suspended in the air before splashing down. That scene made an impact and I know I am not doing it justice. Let's just say that this book, definitely, had atmosphere.

The Vampire Queen's Servant does end with a few unresolved issues. Nothing that would qualify as a cliff-hanger to frustrate the reader. Instead, Lyssa and Jacob's story will continue in The Mark of the Vampire Queen.


Seneca said...

I didn't like it :(
And I ended up DNF'ing Mark of the Vampire Queen.

It was the only two times I have ever not liked anything that Joey W Hill wrote. I'm still sad about that.

Kati said...

Mmm, I loved this book. I love Jacob, and how tender he is with her. But I also like his internal struggle to submit. She's stronger than he is, and he knows it.

Love the darkness of this series! I'm glad you liked it!

Tracy said...

I've had this on my shelf forevah and still haven't picked it up. Well, I read the first couple of pages in the book when I bought it but still. Good to see you liked it. Christine rec'd it to me and we usually have about the same taste in books.

Jill D. said...

Seneca, I can see where people might not like this book. It definitely can take a person out of their comfort zone. Just curious though, what specifically did you not like?

Kati, Yes Jacob's internal struggle was very interesting to read about.

Tracy, I have a feeling you would enjoy this. Definitely, give it a try if you get a chance. The good news is the sequel is already out and you won't have to wait to read the next book.

Seneca said...

No, no, it wasn't my comfort zone. I was comfortable and okay with everything that happened. It just wasn't interesting enough is all. I was bored reading it.

Christine said...

I enjoyed this book well enough. I was intrigued by the characters and story line... and it did push the boundaries of my comfort zone. But I didn't completely understand how Jacob came to love Lyssa. It's like he decided before he met her that he loved her and wanted to serve her? Where did that come from? I have a feeling there is more to Jacob than was revealed in this book, but I'm not sitting her dying to find out. I'll just wait for you to read the second book and tell me. How's that? ;)

Jill D. said...

Seneca, Bored? Hmm, I wouldn't have thought that. Eh, to each his own, right?

Christine, I believe the reason why Jacob wanted to serve Lyssa was because his whole life he had been searching for something and when he saw her for the first time, he new she was the other half of his soul. The author even alluded to him serving her in his previous lives. I think he was her guard as a child and then he was a knight that came to her rescue in medieval times. Okay, I am rambling now, but I am reading the second one now and it touches on his past lives more.