Friday, January 9, 2009

Review - Mail Order Bride

Title: Mail Order Bride
Author: Maureen McKade
Publishing Date: 2000
Genre: Western
Rating: B
Sensuality: Warm

Kate Murphy, after her father passes away, leaves her home town to become a mail-order bride. When she arrives in Orion, Colorado she soon discovers that her intended is dead from a mining accident. Without any money she takes a job as a nanny to Trev Trevelyan’s two children. Trev is the local mine’s superintendent who was recently widowed. Trev has vowed never to marry again but soon Trev and Kate are fighting a passion that neither was expecting to occur between them. Kate herself has dreams of studying astrology and is not looking for marriage either, but when she comes to care for the Trevelyan’s she begins to doubt her dreams.

There is also major conflict with the mines in the town. Benny, another miner, is stirring up trouble trying to get the other miners to strike. Trev has seen this kind of thing happen before and knows that a strike will only succeed in getting people hurt. Trev knows that there is something more going on than what Benny is doing on the surface. The outside conflict with the miners seemed pretty desperate at times. I think the story could have benefitted from a few funny or light-hearted moments.

Kate knows absolutely nothing about children. She was an only child herself and at first is absolutely terrified of Trev’s six month old. She immediately bonds with Annie, his mute four year old daughter. Eventually, Kate and Trev get into a routine and depict such a picture perfect family. Kate shows Trev that marriage to the right woman can bring joy to a marriage instead of the misery he found with his first wife. Kate also sees how lonely she has been without the Trevelyan’s in her life. Kate and Trev have a lot of baggage, but each still remain good, compassionate people. I enjoyed how their relationship slowly unfolded over the course of the book. Overall, I thought this was a very sweet story.


Lori said...

This was the first book I read by Maureen McKade, and I really liked it a lot.

Wendy said...

This was one of those books I had in the TBR forever when I finally pulled it out to read last year. I liked it, and also graded it a B, but it doesn't have quite the emotional "punch" as some of McKade's later books.

Still, that's splitting hairs ;-)

Seneca said...

I've never read this author, but I probably would based on the title alone. I'm a sucker for a bad Harlequin-type title. Hehe

Jill D. said...

Wendy, I feel the exact same way. I graded it a B also. I couldn't find any fault with it, but then again, it didn't exactly WOW me either.

Seneca, I have read a couple of other Maureen McKade books and they were really good. She is a very talented author. I would also recommend A Reason To Live and A Reason to Sin.

Kristie (J) said...

I haven't read this one - though I do love Maureen McKade's Westerns. I think I may have to do some shopping at Amazon - once I make a dent in the TBR pile that is!! I love me a good Western.

Kate said...

Trev Trevelyan? I've always been weak for the name "Trevelyan" since Jude Deveraux's The Duchess. That alone might make me check out this book :) I'm not much a reader of westerns, though, so I'll keep it on a back burner. Nice review!

nath said...

I actually think this sounds good :) I probably wouldn't have picked it up browsing the aisles in the bookstore, but after reading your review... I really like the storyline where the husband had a bad marriage and doesn't want to marry again... and if he has kids, it's even better :)

Jill D. said...

Nath, Let me know if you have trouble finding it? I am not sure if it is still in print or not.

Kristie, I think this book is one that would appeal to you. Definitely try it, if you get a chance.

nath said...

Jill - Out of print :( I might try the UBS though. I think they should have it.