Monday, February 22, 2010

Review - Viking in Love

Title: Viking in Love
Author: Sandra Hill
Publishing Date: February 2010
Genre: Historical
Rating: C-
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: Won an ARC over at Book Binge.

Breanne and her sisters find themselves in a bit of a pickle. See they accidentally killed their brother-in-law and disposed of the body where no one will think to look - underneath a privy. He was an abusive jerk and without the body they hope people will just think that he went missing. The sisters decide to head to their nearest relative who really isn't a relative at all. Caedmon is distantly related to a distant relative, but his castle is nearby and can offer them shelter and hopefully protection. Breanne and her sisters find his castle and his twelve children in need of some tender loving care so each sister does her part to help out. Breanne and Caedmon find the other attractive but they seem to have clashing personality issues.

I was really excited when I won Viking in Love because it has been a while since I read a Viking book and I have been in the mood for something other than the typical regency or vampire book. Unfortunately, the execution was not up to my taste. I have read Sandra Hill before and enjoyed her books but this one seemed to cross the line as far as comedy goes. It was too slap-stick and silly for my taste. In my opinion, a little goes a long way and in this case it was over done. The characters used modern idioms and slang and quite frankly it was very jarring. There was constant bickering between Caedmon and Breanne. It got old real quick. There were also a lot of characters, but not a lot of depth. I really can't recommend this one.

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Hilcia said...

Jill, I love a good Viking story. I was hoping this would be a good one. The use of anachronistic language, or terminology will pull me out of a story faster than almost anything else. One of my pet peeves. Thanks for the review. :)

nath said...

Euh, he already has 12 children?!?!?!?!

Tracy said...

Oh nos! I have to read this for review for TBB and slapstick just isn't my thing. Ah well, I'll give it a try. :)

Leslie said...

Awe, I won this one too and was hoping for a good ole Viking romance.

The use of modern idioms and slang will pull me right out of a book.

And I couldn't help but laugh at nath's reaction to 12 kids. Hero or not, I'd be running away if he's got 12 kids. LOL

Kristie (J) said...

She walks a bit of a line for me as far as comedy goes. I often find her hilarious, but she can descend to just plain stupid. Sounds like this one falls over the line into the stupid pile.

JennyAnn said...

Jill, I always enjoy your reviews and appreciate the time you take to let us know what you think. I will be skippping this one! Thanks!

Jill D. said...

Hilcia - Glad I could help you out with you book reading decisions :)

Nath and Leslie - Well, technically speaking he is not really the genetic father of all twelve children, but he feels a responsibility to them so he cares for them. I think he actually fathered only maybe 6 or so...

Tracy - Sorry! There is nothing worse than reading a bad review for a book you are obligated to read. I hope you enjoy it more than I did. I can tell you it was a relatively fast read despite all the problems :)

Kristie - Oh man, I didn't want to say it, but yep since you said it I agree it's fallen into the stupid side of humor. Any yes, she has worked for me in the past, but not this one.

JennyAnn - I am so glad to hear that you enjoy my reviews! It's always nice to know I am not just talking to myself, LOL. I am glad I could help you out. Anytime you need a book recommendation feel free to email me :)