Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dark Embrace in stores August 26!

Brenda Joyce has a time travel series called The Masters of Time. The books are about medieval warriors who have taken an oath to protect the innocent from Evil. Through the centuries they have upheld this promise. They have been given powers that enable them to travel through time to fulfill their duty. Dark Embrace is the third book in this series and actually starts a trilogy within the series.

I have read the first two books in this series Dark Seduction and Dark Rival. Dark Seduction is the first book in the series and by far the weakest. See, the warriors get their powers through sex and can actually kill their lovers by giving them too many orgasms. Plus they are hung like moose. I just thought this premise was pretty silly, but I thought the series had a lot of potential so I stuck with it and when the second book came out I read it too. Dark Rival was much better and the whole “sex by death” issue wasn’t such a big deal (Although, the hero was still hung like a moose). I couldn’t wait for the third book to be released. Unfortunately, I had to wait a whole entire year for its release, which is now only a few days away.

Here is the book summary from Joyce’s website:

A Highland warrior sworn to protect Innocence throughout the Ages…

Aidan, the Wolf of Awe, has abandoned the Brotherhood and forsaken his vows. Feared by all and trusted by none, he hunts alone, seeking vengeance against the evil that destroyed his son. He has not saved an Innocent in sixty-six years--until he hears Brianna Rose’s scream of terror across centuries, and leaps to modern-day Manhattan to rescue her…

Her Seduction... His Salvation.

Brie spends her time fighting evil from the safety of her laptop—and fantasizing about the medieval Highlander she met just once. She is also a gifted empath. Still, her life is pretty ordinary—until she awakens one night consumed with Aidan’s pain and rage—which she is feeling across centuries! And when Aidan suddenly appears in the city and takes her hostage, Brie cannot believe how dark and dangerous he has become. She knows she should be afraid, but instead, she will fight across time for his redemption… and his love.

She also has three excerpts from the first and second chapters.

Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3


Christine said...

I read the first book in this series when it first came out and also thought the "death by orgasm" thing or whatever was very silly, but I, too, liked the time travel aspect and the story and stuck with it. And underneath that silliness was a really fascinating world and storyline. I started to read Dark Embrace at one point, but real life got hectic and I neglected to go back to it. I'll have to pick it up again because this third book looks exciting! Thanks for the heads up.

Jill D. said...

Christine, I really like Brenda Joyce's writing style. I have read a few of her other books and Splendor is one of my favorites. There is always lots of angst.

Kristie (J) said...

My goodness - I haven't read a Brenda Joyce book in years. These ones don't sound too bad - maybe I should take her up again.

Tracy said...

I also thought the first book was the weakest. I liked the second book much better and can hardly wait to see what happens with Aiden!

Jill D. said...

Kristie, Have you read Splendor? That is one of my favorites and it reminds me of Lisa Kleypas's Prince of Dreams, also one of my favorites.

Just keep in mind if you do decide to read this series, the first isn't the best :)

Tracy, Glad to see you liked them as well. I can't believe I had to wait a whole year for another book!