Friday, August 22, 2008

I heart Shelfari!

Okay, I know I have already blogged about it once, but once just wasn't enough people! I just love Shelfari!!! Let's see how many times I can say that. I have been playing around with it quite a bit the last few weeks and I have just noticed a new feature that I have to brag about it. Did you know that if you click on the members link you can see what other members are currently reading the same books as you? Is that not cool or what? You can even send the messages and chat about the book as you are reading it.

Also, I have been busy uploading reviews. This got me to thinking about the current problem with Amazon and their reviewing system. I know that a lot of fellow bloggers out there used to go to and peruse book reviews. But ever since the Deborah MacGillivray incident and others, readers have been leary of the validity of the reviews at Amazon.

Well, I propose that everyone come on over to shelfari. At least at shelfari, you don't have to worry about your review being deleted. On top of that, you also can look at the reviewer's profile, their favorite books, and how they rated their recent reads. So you can match your taste to the reviewers! I think that it would be a lot harder to cheat the system over at Shelfari.

Another cool feature Shelfari has, is that you can ask other members if you should read a certain book or not. You can ask for any book and other members can click yes or no based on the books you have already read or marked as favorites. You can advise other members as well.

Anyway, there are a lot of other cool features but I have spent enough time bragging about Shelfari. Just check it out (if you haven't already) and if you want to be "friends" just ask!


Samantha said...

I adore shelfari. It's become my "I'm bored so I'm gonna kill time" site.

I love that you can also list things about your copy of a particular book as well. I've been slowly trying to log in the ones I've gotten and read from PBS on there. I agree tha the should I read this book feature is fantastic as well.

*adds you as a friend* :)

Christine said...

I love shelfari, too!!!

I didn't know about the members link with regard to what other members are reading the same book at that time. Very cool. I'm going to have to check that out.

Have you entered tags for all of your books? It took me a long time to set that up, but I tell you, it is so useful when I want to search my bookshelf for something specific.

I'll go visit your shelf now.... ;)

Jill D. said...

Shannon, I will look for you! I am so glad that someone else has been sucked in!

Christine, No I haven't done anyting with tags yet! I haven't even entered in all the books I have read yet. I am only up to authors ending in "H". I haven't even begun to discover tags. Actually, I don't know about tags. I will have to research :)

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - I like Shelfari well enough - but at heart I'm a LibraryThing girl. I remember a while ago I was having problems adding covers at LibraryThing and I contacted them. They got right back to me and helped 'talk' me through it. I don't like how you can't add covers yourself at Shelfari the way you can at LibraryThing.

Jace said...

Jill, didn't I tell you Shelfari is going to suck time from you? LOL

I'm glad you're liking it and discovering so many neat things about it.

As for me, I don't go there much anymore - maybe once every 2 or 3 days - the slow loading is driving me nuts. I'm not sure if it's my broadband speed, or Shelfari's system, but lately, I always had to wait whenever I wanted to do something.

Jill D. said...

Kristie, I haven't looked at Library Thing yet. Well, I better hold off on that or I might never get anything done! As for adding your own covers, I was reading the FAQ and Shelfari stated that they are working on adding that feature and they should have it up and running soon. I would like that feature too.

Jace, Sorry about the lack of speed. That would really annoy me. Occasionally, the site has been slow to load a book I was adding it, but it wasn't too bad.

nath said...

I'm on it now too :D LOL :) let see how good I'm going to be at maintaining it :D

Rowena said...

I love Shelfari too...I use that the most out of all of my accounts at all of the online library sites. I still have a soft spot for Library Thing as well but I find myself on Shelfari more than any of the others though.

Brie said...

I have Library Thing, and like it. I never thought about Shelfari, but it can't hurt to try it out and see how I like it. Off to give it a try.

Jill D. said...

Rowena, I will have to look for you and add you as a friend. I haven't tried Library Thing yet... now I am feeling tempted :)

Cool Brie! If you join find me and request a friendship! I hope you like it.