Monday, August 4, 2008

Faefever teaser #6!

Yay!!! Ms. Moning has given readers another brief glimpse into her third book in the Fever series, Faefever. Fans have less than 50 days until the book's release on September 16th! I have to admit I was worried we wouldn't get a teaser this month since Ms. Moning was at the RWA conference in San Francisco. She was at the literacy signing event and I would have loved to have met her. Without further ado here you go!

"Such naked pain," he whispered.

I turned my face into his palm and closed my eyes. His fingers threaded into my hair, cupped my head, and brushed the brand. It heated at his touch. His hand tightened at the base of my skull and squeezed, and he raised me slowly to my tiptoes. I opened my eyes and it was my turn to inhale sharply. Not human. Oh, no, not this man.

"Never show it to me again." His face was cold, hard, his voice colder.

"Why? What will you do?"

"What it is in my nature to do. Get inside, Ms. Lane. It's time for your lesson."


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh! Moning is killing me slowly with these teasers!!! As if waiting wasn't hard enough already. :(

Jill D. said...

She is killing me too! Only 39 more days to go!