Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review - Heir to the Shadows

Title: Heir to the Shadows
Author: Anne Bishop
Publishing Date: 1999
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: B+
Sensuality: nothing explicit

Heir to the Shadows is the second book in Anne Bishop's Black Jewel Trilogy. This book is all about the healing the characters need to do before the real political battle begins. Jaenelle has the most healing to do and fortunately she is surrounded by people who love and care dearly for her. With the help of her closest friends and her adopted father Saetan, she slowly comes back from Twisted Kingdom to the realm of Keeler.

The memories of the tragedy which sent Jaenelle spiraling into Twisted Kingdom remain elusive until Jaenelle is strong enough to remember them. In the meantime, Jaenelle continues to learn craft as she grows into womanhood. She reestablishes her childhood friendships. Karla in particular, another young witch, a black widow and healer was a hoot to read about. Her introduction to Saetan, in particular was a riot.

Another favorite character of mine is the High Lord, Saetan himself. Most people see him as one of the most powerful, ruthless men in all the realms, if not the most powerful. He is feared by all. All except Jaenelle that is. She treats him as an exasperating Papa who is tired and needs a nap. She even at one point, gifts him with a sweater because he is too formal and needs to slouch. The relationships between characters with the emotional currents between father and son, father and daughter, sister and brother, friend and friend are just beautifully written.

One of my favorite characters from the first book was noticeably absent from this book. It was a disappointment, but there were many alluring facets of Heir to the Shadows to keep my interest peaked. Queen of the Darkness is the next book in the trilogy.


Tracy said...

Who was missing from this book that was your fav?

*sigh* once again let me say how much I love this series. I cried at least twice in book 3 and I hardly ever do that! :)

Jill D. said...

Tracy, It was Daemon and the fact that he was seperated from Jaenelle, that I missed. It is a great series. I am glad to have discovered it, even this late in the game.

nath said...

I really enjoy Heir of the Shadows :) It surprising when you think of the overall story that the book can have so many light-hearted moments :)

Glad you're enjoying the series!! :)