Monday, May 11, 2009

Review - Red Fire

Title: Red Fire
Author: Deidre Knight
Publication Date: Nov 2008
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: C+
Sensuality: Hot

Red Fire is the first book in Deidre Knight's Gods of Midnight series. Seven Spartan warriors were given the option to live eternal life as protectors of mankind. They will be destined to fight any and all evil in its various forms for the rest of eternity. Ajax Petrakos is one of these warriors. But immortality has taken its tole on him and the only thing keeping him sane is a prophecy that foretold of his destined mate. For many years he has been searching for that one woman and he finds her in present time New Orleans, Louisiana, being threatened by a powerful demon.

Red Fire started out slow for me. It took me a while to get into the rhythm and cadence of the book. I felt like the narration was a little unusual, in that we mainly get the hero's perspective as the story is being set up. At times his "voice" came across as more feminine than masculine. Occasionally, it would strike me that Ajax's thoughts or feelings might be more true to how a woman would react than a man. Once the back story was in place, the plot started to pick up this became less noticeable.

I especially enjoyed the first meeting between Ajax and Shay. Ajax is a most unusual character in that he can shapeshift into a hawk/man creature. Shay at first takes him for a demon. With good reason, because his form is very scary to behold. The other demons are well described and just as interesting. Ms. Knight very craftily creates a creepy mood and setting among the graveyards in New Orleans. I could easily picture the sweeping oak trees with their limbs draped in Spanish moss.

There are some very interesting secondary characters. I think my favorite was the Oracle. She had quite the personality and I loved her interactions with the King. I hope at some point they will get their own story. Even the demon, Sable was shrewdly crafted and was engaging to read about. I am going to go out on a limb and say I think that people who enjoy the author Nalini Singh would enjoy this book.

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Tracy said...

I honestly don't know that I could read a book where the hero's name is Ajax. I laughed every time I read it in your review! lol

Jill D. said...

Oh dear! He was refered to Jax, quite a bit. Maybe that will help!

Christine said...

Thanks for your timely review, Jill. I know this book was released last October, but it just landed itself at the top of my TBR before I even read this. I'm glad I read your review. It helped me fine tune my expectations. ;)

Kris said...

Fun, I just read this one and the next one too. I enjoyed it and quickly dove into the next one about River. This one was a little difficult for me to get into as well, but i liked it once it got rolling.

Kris said...
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