Friday, May 1, 2009

April Reading Roundup

Whoohooo! I was able to read 12 books this month. That is four months now where I have consistently met all my reading goals; twelve books a month and Keishon's TBR challenge and Nath's Re-read challenge. *doing the happy dance* I'll admit I cheated a little bit by throwing in a category book at the end, for fear I wouldn't have enough time to read a longer book. But hey, it's still a book, even though it was only 200 pages long!

1. The Serpent Prince, Hoyt (Historical) Rating: B+
2. Bite the Bullet, Banks (Urban Fantasy) Rating: C
3. The Sins of Lord Easterbrook, Hunter (Historical) Rating: B
4. Kill Me Twice, St. Clare (Rom. Suspense) Rating: B
5. Trouble, White (Contemporary/Erotic) Rating: B+
6. Out of the Night, Popp (Paranormal) Rating: A-
7. Desire Unchained, Ione (Paranormal) Rating: C-
8. Shelter Mountain, Carr (Contemporary) Rating: A
9. Master of Surrender, Tabke (Medieval) Rating: B-
10. Smooth Talking Stranger, Kleypas (Contemporary) Rating: B
11. Spell of the Highlander, Moning (Time Travel) Rating: A
12. Lone Star Surrender, Jones (Contemporary) Rating: B-


Bookwormom said...

Hi! Congratulations on meeting all of your goals this month. It can be surprisingly hard to do- I missed both Nath's & Keishon's this month. :(


Jill D. said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by. It certainly does feel good when you are able to accomplish your goals. I try not to take on too much so that I don't get bogged down. Of course, that's always easier said than done!

nath said...

Great list!! You were able to make it 12, even though you spent a week-end at the RT convention, that's good... and you have some high graded books!!

Jill D. said...

Thanks Nath, this month I am secretly hoping for 15, actually as many as I can squeeze in. I want to whittle my huge pile down. It's stressing me out!!

Christine said...

It looks like you had a good reading month, Jill.

I read six books in April and was pretty darned pleased considering how busy the month was for me.