Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review - Scandal

Title: Scandal
Author: Carolyn Jewel
Publishing Date: February 2009
Genre: Historical
Rating: B+
Sensuality: Hot

Sophie Evans was once married and deeply in love with Tommy Evans. She eloped to be with him when she was a young girl. It turns out he only wanted her for the inheritance she would bring him. He was a rake and a libertine, yet she loved him anyway. Her husband Tommy was friends with the Earl of Banallt. The Earl's reputation for womanizing was legendary and it was no surprise that Tommy would be friends with him. The Earl after taking one look at Sophie was fascinated by her and wanted to have an affair with her. Sophie, with her upstanding morals, refused to be seduced, which only made Bannalt more fascinated. Fast forward to present time and she is now a widow. The Earl is convinced he has changed his ways and wants to make Sophie his wife.

Scandal is an excellent historical. This is my first book by Carolyn Jewel and I really enjoy her writing style. There is not a lot of external action to this book. It is much more a progress of the the characters emotional debate within themselves and each other that move the plot along. Usually, these types of books tend to bore me, but because the characters are so strong in this book, it works in this case.

Scandal first starts with Sophie currently living with her brother after her husband Tommy has died. The reader knows she has a past history with Bannalt, but it is not clear exactly what that relationship entailed. A few chapters alternate between present and past and eventually the whole story in all it's gory detail is revealed. (It's really not that gory!)

The real strength to Scandal is that these characters really felt as if they were truly nineteenth century people. So many times you read a historical where the characters could be replaced in any time or setting and there would be nary a difference in their behavior. You don't realize it until you read a book like Scandal and can see the difference. I read this book based on the Smart Bitches review and I am certainly glad I did. I definitely plan on reading more by Ms. Jewel.

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KT Grant said...

This is one of my favorite books this year and quite possibly one of my favorite historicals I have ever read.

Leontine said...

Historicals aren't my most favorite genre but I'm hearing so much of this book and this author I can't help but wonder if it might be something for me too. I just don't long for ballrooms chitchats and the signature rake, rogue and co. Could this book be something for me, cause your review appeals to me Jill!


Keira said...

I loved it too Katie! It's a great read. The only thing to watch out for is the diverse timeline.

nath said...

This one is still in my TBR pile. I should get to it soon ^_^;

Jill D. said...

Wow Katie, that is a bold statement. I enjoyed it and thought the writing was excellent, but it didn't make my favorites list.

Leontine, Hmmm... I don't know Leontine. You will just have to try it out and see....

Keira, I actually liked the timeline. I felt it added mystery in unraveling their relationship.

Nath, It's pretty darn good. You should give it a go. I would be curious to see what you think about it.

Maija P. said...

When I first read the early reviews about this book (all stating how good it was), there was just something about the plot that made me decide I wouldn't try it. But now, after so many good reviews, I know I have to try it. And I know I'll end up loving it :)