Friday, August 21, 2009

Re-Read for August

Thank you to every one who participated in my re-read poll. The big winner is Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. I am excited about this book as it is a fabulous choice (LOL, they were all good choices)! So now I will concentrate on reading it and then post a review for it the last day of this month.

*On a side note* Sorry this post is so short. I am completely fed up with my internet provider. I have terrible service and it keeps going out. This short post took me 30 minutes to create. *Pulling my hair out*

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Christine said...

I missed your poll, but just had to chime in here because I just finished my first Jennifer Crusie novel this morning! It was Anyone But You and I adored it. It was a short and sweet read, and oh how nice it was to read about a 40 year old heroine!

Bet Me seems to be a very popular Crusie novel, so I hope to read it sometime.