Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July was a total bust for me. I don't know what my problem is, but I haven't been in the mood to read. Instead, I find myself playing computer games or watching TV. *GASP* Nath suggested it could be summer vacation and I think that she might have something there. I have been hanging out at the pool with my kids every chance I get. I did manage to read 11 books, but I missed out on Nath's reread challenge. Let's hope August is better!

1. Halfway to the Grave, Frost (Paranormal) Rating: A
2. Lip Service, Mallery (Contemporary) Rating: D
3. Loving a Lost Lord, Putney (Historical) Rating: B
4. Burn, Howard (Rom. Suspense) Rating: B
5. The Conqueror, Kennedy (Medieval) Rating: A-
6. Angels Fall, Roberts (Rom. Suspense) Rating: A
7. A Vampire's Claim, Hill (Paranormal/Erotic) Rating: B
8. Bending the Rules, Andersen (Contemporary) Rating: C-
9. To Taste Temptation, Hoyt (Historical) Rating: B-
10. One Foot in the Grave, Frost (Paranormal) Rating: B+
11. Surrender, Clare (Historical) Rating: B+


Janicu said...

11 books? Slow? I don't think so!

Jill D. said...

Janicu - Really? LOL!!! That makes me feel so much better! I was hoping for 15 or 16 total, so 11 just wasn't cutting the mustard :)

nath said...

Man, you're really close from your goal!! You're doing fine, lady!! LOL :) especially if you're hanging out with your kids as well :)

I'm still so glad you enjoyed the Nora Roberts :D

Leontine said...

Hi Jill,
11 books would be a great month for me and I have it too now with vacation time with hubby that other things distract me, cutting in on my reading time.

Enjoy the time at the pool, before we know it Fall will be here and it will be reading time gallore. Or it will be ehre in the Netherlands *oops* Lots of wind and rain and early dark hours.

Mandi said...

I think I read eight - but I blame summer. Too many things going on:)

The 11 you read look good:)

Heather D said...

I think it was the month of July. I felt the same way. However you did much better than I did. I only read four books, and some of those were short ones.

Kids go back to school tomorrow. I will be able to get my house back in order (no hot wheels lying all over my living room floor) and be able to read all of the books that I have been getting and shoving into a corner.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you read a gazillion books - Don't feel guilty about a little breather!
Hugs -

Jill D. said...

Thank you everybody for your kind words! I can always use a pick-me-up. I am feeling better already :)