Monday, May 17, 2010

Letting Pictures Tell the Story

Okay, I know I was going to do so much better than I did at recapping my experience at the RT Book Lovers Convention. So, I still have pictures that I haven't posted, so I figured I would just post those and let those tell the story. So without further ado...

Mary, Caroline Crane, Me and Kristie J

This picture was taken Wednesday, the first day of RT. We all met in the food court for lunch with CJ otherwise known as Carolyn Crane. How exciting to meet a person who started out as an aspiring author and blogger and have her dreams of becoming published come true. I am so happy and excited for Carolyn. I wish her the best!

Kristie J, Victoria Dahl and Me

This picture was taken in the bar the last night before the Prom dance held by Dorchester Publishing. I don't know if you can see it, but look closely at the beer Kristie and I are drinking. This was the beer that Sabrina Jeffries had made especially for a panel given earlier in the day. In her new series the characters' family owns a brewery and Sabrina Jeffires had a special label made for this beer to represent her fictional brewery. She was giving six packs out in the panel if you won the bingo game. I didn't win, but a lady who did win asked if I wanted it and I was like, "Hell yeah!"

The big problem was that you need a bottle opener to get the cap off the bottle. This was not the twist off kind of beer. We tried calling room service to bring us a bottle opener but they said it would be over an hour before someone could bring it to us. They told us to go down to the bar and someone would help us. So off we went bringing our own beer down to the bar. I asked the bartender to open it for me. He told me that because of the law he couldn't open it, but he just happened to have a bottle opener around that I could use to open it myself. LOL, so that's exactly what I did!

Kristie J, Delilah Marvelle, Mary, Linda and Me

This picture was taken while we were all waiting to get into the Prom party sponsered by Dorchester Publishing. As you can see some of us were in our "prom" attire. Each night at about 8:00 there is a party hosted by a group of authors or a publishing house. They usually give away free books and always have food and dancing. The theme for this night was 80s prom and they sure were playing some good music. I had a lot of fun dancing the night away!

Here is another picture of me with another group of ladies who I met last year. Debra and Dana work for Barnes and Noble (can you say, "Dream Job").

Dana, Maryln, Deborah and Me

Elizabeth Vaughan and Me

Funny story. Elizabeth Vaughan was the first author I went to on Saturday morning at the book signing. I was so completely stoked to get to meet her. To say I love her Warlord Trilogy is an understatement. Anyway, as I approached her another fan was in front of me having her entire collection of books signed. I was the only other person in line and we all struck up a conversation about how much we love her books. Finally, it was my turn. I was kind of tongue tied in her awesome presence, but I did manage to get a book signed. As soon as I walked away I forgot that I wanted to get my picture taken. So I hurried back to her and asked her if she wouldn't mind me taking her picture. Well, the author sitting next to her was so sweet and said she would take one of us together. The thing is Elizabeth and I were seperated by a really long table. I asked Ms. Vaughan if she wouldn't mind me crawling under the table so I could stand next to her and get our picture taken together. She laughed and didn't thing I was a "psycho stalker fan". Hence, the picture you see now.

Funny thing is, later in the morning, Nath went to visit Ms. Vaughan and asked if she could have her picture taken. Elizabeth asked Nath if she wouldn't mind crawling under the table to have their picture taken together. LOL, I set the precidence!

Last picture was taken at the Faery Ball on Thursday night.  The first two women are aspiring authors Cathy and Courtney.  I met them last year and they were very nice and friendly.  The only man in the picture is Charles Paz who won the Mr. Romance contest last year.

Cathy, Courtney, Linda, Charles, Me and Linda


Lori said...

Looks like you had such a fabulous time!

Lover of Romance said...

I love the pics and the stories, sounds like it was a blast!!! Glad you had a good time!!!

Hilcia said...

Great pictures! I love the story about Elizabeth Vaughan, she sounds like such a wonderful lady. :) And, OMG such an ordeal to open the beers, lol!

Wendy said...

My first thought was "Dang, I can't believe how long Kristie's hair is!" She's been growing it out (obviously) since I saw her last :)

Great pictures!

Leslie said...

Awe, Elizabeth Vaughan sounds wonderful. Great picture. :)

You guys look like you had so much fun. I do hope to go next year since it will be in L.A. & I can drive.

nath said...

Love the pic of you with Elizabeth Vaughan :D You definitively have some great pictures there :) Hmm, wonder who took them :P

Jill D. said...

Thanks ladies! Glad you enjoy the pictures. I know I always enjoy it when other bloggers post up pictures too!