Saturday, May 8, 2010

Loot from RT!!

Okay, I figure this is the question most of you are wondering. What books did I get from the convention? I just got home yesterday from Georgia. I had to finish up audits for work. Of course the first thing I did was hug my hubbie and kids and then I was like, "Do you mind if I go through my books?" I know. I am totally obsessed.

I don't think I would have brought back as many books as I did last year if it wasn't for Mary's generosity. She had won the drawing for several erotic gift baskets given away at RT. She already owned some of the books so she ended up gifting me with the complete collection of Wolf Tales and Sexy Beast books by Kate Douglas. She also gave me Elizabeth Amber's Lord of the Satyr series.

Like I did last year, I tallied up all the books and their costs. The grand worth of the books I brought home this year is a whopping $700.93!!! I brought home a total of 64 books and 36 of them were signed by the author. That covers the cost of the convention fees and my airfare. How awesome is that?!

Here is a list of the books I was given at RT. Books in RED are signed by the author:

2010 Hot Westmoreland Nights Brenda Jackson
2009 Hex in High Heels Linda Wisdom
2007 Star Shadows Colby Hodge
2009 The Naked Baron Sally Mackenzie
2009 Vengeance Road Rick Mofina
2009 Vampire Sunrise Carole Nelson Douglas
2006 Finding Your Mojo Stephanie Bond
2009 The Virgin's Secret Victoria Alexander
2008 Distracting the Duchess Emily Bryan
2008 The Summoning Kelley Armstrong
2009 Hot and Irrisistible Dianne Castell
2005 Haunting Love Alley Anthology
2009 Atlantis Unleashed Alyssa Day
2009 Winter's Desire Anthology
2010 The Reckoning Kelley Armstrong
2009 A Darker Domain Val McDermid
2006 Love, Lust and Dixie Dust Luann McLane
2006 His Fantasies, Her Dreams Anthology
2009 The Empress of Mars Kage Baker
2010 Seduced by a Rogue Amanda Scott
2009 Second Chance Pass Robyn Carr
2010 The Truth About Lord Stoneville Sabrina Jeffries
2010 Atlantis Redeemed Alyssa Day
2009 The Sharing Knife Lois McMaster Bujold
2010 Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake Sarah MacLean
2009 Silent Killer Beverly Barton
2010 Cheat the Grave Vicki Petterson
2010 The Vampire and the Virgin Karrelyn Sparks
2009 Passion Untamed Pamela Palmer
2010 Touching Darkness Jamie Rush
2009 Sins of the Flesh Caridad Pineiro
2009 Outcast Joan Johnston
2010 Abandon the Night Joss Ware
2009 Passion Unleashed Larissa Ione
2010 Marked Elizabeth Naughton
2010 The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker Leanne Renee Hieber
2009 Where the Wind Blows Caroline Fyffe
2008 Countdown Michelle Maddox
2009 Seduced into a Paper Marriage Maureen Child
2005 Danger Calls Caridad Pineiro
2009 Malice Lisa Jackson
2008 A Rake's Guide to Pleasure Victoria Dahl
2006 Wolf Tales Kate Douglas
2006 Wolf Tales II Kate Douglas
2007 Wolf Tales III Kate Douglas
2007 Wolf Tales IV Kate Douglas
2008 Wolf Tales V Kate Douglas
2008 Wolf Tales VI Kate Douglas
2009 Wolf Tales VII Kate Douglas
2009 Wolf Tales VIII Kate Douglas
2010 Wolf Tales 9 Kate Douglas
2006 Sexy Beast Anthology
2007 Sexy Beast II Anthology
2007 Sexy Beast III Anthology
2008 Sexy Beast IV Anthology
2008 Sexy Beast V Anthology
2009 Sexy Beast VII Anthology
2010 Sexy Beast VIII Anthology
2007 Nicholas Elizabeth Amber
2008 Raine Elizabeth Amber
2008 Lyon Elizabeth Amber
2009 Dominic Elizabeth Amber
2006 Wild Nights Anthology
2009 Men in Blue Anthology

Now, the big question is where am I going to put all these books, LOL!!??


Lori said...

Wow. Excellent haul, Jill!

Hey - is the Naked Baron the next in the Naked Series? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look it up :)

Lover of Romance said...

Sounds like some great books that you brought home with you from the convention!!!

Hilcia said...

You brought home some great books, Jill. Now you enjoy them. :D

I see you got the complete Kate Douglas PNR/erotica series. I have to catch up with that one, I'm up to #6. :D

Maija A. said...

I'm so jealous! What a great list of books :)

Linda Y said...

Haha love the way you think!! My books must have equaled more than the price of the convention too i'm sure. Yess i am totally justified :)

Leslie said...

Great list Jill. Now you need to go shopping for a bookcase. :)

Christine said...

Wow that's a lot of books!! Forget about where you're going to put them all.... how are you going to decide what to read first! :D

Christine said...
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Jill D. said...

Lori - Actually, I have no idea the order of the Naked series. I haven't read any of those books yet. Did you like them?

Hilcia - I had only read book two of the Wolf Tales books. I have a lot of catching up to do too!

Linda!!! Yay you commented!! I thought it would be fun to tally up the actual value of the books. I think I was justified in spending the $17.00 I spent to ship a box of books home, too.

Leslie - Tell me about it. I am packing up my cd collection to make more room on my shelves in the den. Otherwise I will have to go out and buy more shelves.

Christine - My goodness! It is hard choice on deciding what to read, LOL! I read one of the wolf tales books and then started on the Sabrina Jeffries book. She read a chapter at RT and I was completely hooked. I have to finish it, LOL!

Kristie (J) said...

I just posted my haul too *g*. When I was 'cataloguing' them, I had the first book by Jamie Rush. Then I came across the third one. I thought 'Dang! Wish I had the second one.' Then a number of books later, lo and behold - there was the second one. Gotta love it when you get a whole series at once!!

~ames~ said...

OMG That's so awesome!! Good stuff Jill!

You have some good reading ahead of you, that's for sure!

nath said...

Great haul, Jill :D I don't think I had as many... and now you can read Kelley Armstrong YA!!

So which books went to the top of your TBR?

Jill D. said...

Kristie - Wow, you got a whole series??? That is so cool!!!

Ames - I know right, so what should I read first??!!

Nath - Well, I just finished the Sabrina Jeffries book we were playing bingo to. It was pretty good. Review to follow soon. I have no clue what I am going to read next... stay tuned, LOL!

Kris said...

Wow chica!! That is a great haul, so many books, so little time :)