Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RT Day 2 - The Highlights

Yay!! I have pictures! Okay, day two started out with an author chat featuring Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich. Jennifer Crusie was supposed to be there but Anne said she was ill and couldn't make it. Bummer! I was totally looking forward to meeting her. But.... Anne Stuart was really funny and she had us in stitches. She is not afraid of saying what is on her mind. At one point she even forgot for a second and asked all of us not to repeat anything she said. She says she has gotten in trouble more times than she can count for running her mouth.
Anne Stuart - Lani Diane Rich

Then I had the hardest of choices to make. Should I go to the author chat wth JR Ward and Jessica Andersen or should I go play Bad Boy Bingo with Sarah of Smart Bitches, Alyssa Day, Victoria Dahl and Cindy Holby? I opted for Bad Boy Bingo. I am happy to say it was a lot of fun. I got four books and Sarah was a hoot calling out the numbers like "Orgasam 69". I never did get Bingo, though!

Then it was the award ceremony and afterwards RT launched their new website. You should check it out if you haven't already done so. They have a lot of new features and it is very extensive. They had a drawing for baskets full of books. It turns out my good friend Mary won the erotic romance basket. I should say baskets because it was multiple baskets, all full of books. And because Mary is such a generous person and she already had some of the books, she kindly passed some on to me. Later on, I will post what books I brought home with me. Wait till you see what I got!

Then I finished off the evening at the Fairy Ball with all my girls, Nath, Kristie J. Linda and Mary.

The Fairy Ball
Linda - Me - Kristie J.

The Fairy Ball
Nath - Linda


VampFanGirl said...

Bad Boy Bingo or J.R. Ward??? How dare they make you choose! ;)

Loved the pics! You ladies look beautiful!!

Hugs, VFG

Maija A. said...

I'd love to live in US so I could go to those events :)

Hilcia said...

Great pictures. You all look great!

LOL, Bad Boy Bingo sounds like a lot of fun... the books in those baskets must have been something else too. ;P

Jill D. said...

VFG - I know!! I can't believe they would schedule both those events back to back. What were they thinking, LOL!!!

Maija - It was so much fun! I wish you could attend at one point. It does cost a lot of money. Start saving up girl!

Hilcia - Yes! Mary got the whole set of Wolf Tales books, Sexy Beast books by Kate Douglas and because she already has them she gave them to me!!! She really racked up. It was a TON of books!

Christine said...

I'm enjoying your recaps, Jill ... and the photos, too! It looks like SO much fun. I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves. :)

nath said...

Bad Boy Bingo was a lot of fun, although you could hear a lot of laughs from the JR Ward/Jessica Andersen's room.

Anne Stuart was definitively a hoot and a highlight of the convention for me LOL.

We had such a good day, right, Jill? :)