Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review - Blood Born

Title: Blood Born
Author: Linda Howard and Linda Jones
Publishing Date: April 2010
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: D
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: I purchased this book new.

Blood Born is the first book in a new vampire series. Luca Ambrus is a vampire. I guess you could call him an enforcer of sorts. The governing vampire body calls on him to hunt down and kill those vampires who break the law and threaten other vampires. The most important thing is to keep the knowledge of the existence of vampires away from the human race. When Luca's good friend on the council is killed he learns that there is a traitor in their mist. He must uncover and stop the traitor before a war starts between his people and the human race.

Humans are not without help. There are people who are called conduits. These people channel spirit warriors into Earth's dimension. Chloe Fallon is one such person. Luca follows a rogue vampire to her home and saves her from the vampire as he tries to kill her. Chloe cannot be left alone because she will always be susceptible to another vampire attack. Luca vows to protect her at all costs.

Sounds good right? I thought Blood Born had great promise, an exciting plot with an otherworldly Alpha male written by a well known favorite author of mine. But alas, this one just wasn't what I was looking for. For one thing, I was reading this book during RT and it had a lot of competition for my attention. It started out really slow. The beginning of the book was a major info dump and the hero/heroine don't even meet until page 105. I am sorry, but 100 pages before they even meet???? It took real perseverance to continue the book and I'll admit, I read another book between this one to give me a quick fix.

The book has many multiple view points and it felt like less than half of the book focused on Luca and Chloe's relationship. The world building was great, but it dominated the book. I even checked to see how this book was labeled. Maybe it wasn't a romance, but right on the back it does say paranormal romance. This book just wasn't what I was expecting. *Sigh*

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Anonymous said...

Awww, that's sad that it was such a disappointing read. I love Linda Howard's books too, and it does sound like it has potential, but yikes on the lack of romance. I would have given up. :P I agree, a hundred pages is way too much to wait to have the main characters meet.

Kris said...

that is sad :( Her last two books it seems have only been meh. I love her books, so this makes me :(

Kaetrin said...

I got the impression that this was more UF (even though it's about vampires) than romance and if the h/h don't even meet until p105, that impression seems to be right. I really like Linda Howard but I'm after the romance so I'll stick with the ones that fit within the genre better I think.

Leslie said...

Awe, crap. I had a bad feeling about this book. I really love Howard's older books but lately she's hit or miss. I think I'll pass on this one. Thanks for taking one for the team and reviewing it. :)

nath said...

Awww, too bad it never got better :(

I say it's collaboration. Even if it's two authors that I love, collaborations rarely work out :(

Kristie (J) said...

Linda Howard is one of those authors I just can't quit and I bought this one while we were in Columbus. I knew you weren't really enjoying it - but I see the name Linda Howard and I just can't help but bring out the wallet.

Jill D. said...

Ladies - I just didn't want to give up on it, you know. I really, REALLY wish Howard was still writing like she used too. I just can't seem to give up on her. I hate to say it, but when her next book comes out, I know I will still read it. Yep. I just can't seem to give up hope. I don't know what it is.