Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Review - His at Night

Title: His at Night
Author: Sherry Thomas
Publishing Date: May 2010
Genre: Historical
Rating: A-
Sensuality: Warm
Book Disclosure: I purchased a used copy.

Lord Vere to most of society is a bumbling idiot. Only a select few know he really is a very industrious spy for England. He is on a case where he suspects that Edmund Douglas has nefarious dealings in the diamond industry. Vere and his compatriots invent a scheme to gain them entry into Douglas's home. Douglas's niece Elissande Edgerton sees Lord Vere as an opportunity to get away from her possessive and disturbing Uncle. She takes matters into her own hands and creates a situation that will compromise them both.

His at Night is my first book written by Sherry Thomas. I have heard so many wonderful things about this book and Sherry Thomas in general that I thought this might be a good place to start. I was very glad that I did pick this one up as the writing is just wonderful! I can easily recommend that if you want to read Sherry Thomas, His at Night is a great place to start.

His at Night is a book that drew me into the story that by chapter four when Vere and Ellie meet for the first time I was hard pressed to do anything put keep my nose pressed to the book. Vere and Ellie have created a persona that they hide themselves behind, but they both do it for different reasons. These facades really complicate their budding relationship and become a huge obstacle that they will have to overcome. There really is a lot going on not just in terms of plot but also the complexity between the characters. I actually feel that I could benefit from another reading of the book to pick up every detail.

Sherry Thomas has an amazing capacity to create great characters. Her depiction of Ellie is balanced so well between desperation and strength. It really is a fine line. It would be so easy to hate Ellie, but the way she was written I felt myself understanding her reasons. The same goes for Vere. The role of the bumbling fool could have gotten out of control but Sherry Thomas keeps things from being foolish or farcical. I really enjoyed His at Night. Sherry Thomas writes an entertaining story with intricate characters.

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Kristie (J) said...

Heh, heh, heh - now you know why I was so excited when I found this one at RT and why I had such a hard time putting it down - even in the midst of a conference. It is a good one isn't it? I was amazed at how fine that line was that Ellie walked on too - yet never fell off. I loved how she slowly clued in that Vere wasn't exactly what/who she thought at first. And I just loved Vere.

Tricia said...

I haven't tried Sherry Thomas yet...glad to hear this is a good place to start though I think I have this on my shelves!

Jill D. said...

Kristie - Yah, I figured if you couldn't put it down at a book convention, then it must really be good! I agree that the slow discovery that Ellie had of Vere's "true" self was amazing. Just an all around great book!

Tricia - It took me a while to read a Sherry Thomas book, but she is definitely on my radar from here on out. I think I was worried that her books are too angsty for me and I have to be in the right frame of mind for that type of thing. This one is not angsty at all, well maybe just a tad, but it is a very enjoyable read. Definitely, give it a try. Great writing.

Kaetrin said...

I gave this one an A too. It's my favourite of Sherry's so far - although Not Quite a Husband (RITA Winner!) was darn close. I really enjoyed Vere and the plays on 'truth'/'masks' throughout the book.

Jill D. said...

Kaetrin, I have Not Quite a Husband in my TBR pile. I will have to move it to the top! I got to meet Sherry at RT this year. She signed my copy of NQAH. She was really nice. It's amazing that English is not her first language.