Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shadowfever Excerpt #4

I have another excerpt to share with you from Karen Marie Moning's upcoming release Shadowfever. This book will be the last book in her fantastic fever series. The book is to be released January 18, 2011 and comes in at a whopping 728 pages.


“You killed my sister!” The dark lake in my head begins to boil. I hear rustles behind me, leathery wet sounds and I whirl. The freaks that killed my sister are taking advantage of the distraction and trying to leave.

Not a chance in hell. This is what I’ve been living for. This moment. My revenge. First the ones that killed her. Then the one who delivered her to them.

I lunge for them, screaming my sister’s name.

I slice and rip and tear.

I begin with my spear and end with my bare hands.

I fall on them like the beast-form of Barrons. My sister died in an alley with these monsters working on her and now I know it wasn’t fast. I can see her, white-lipped with pain, knowing she’s going to die, scratching a clue into the pavement. Hoping I’ll come, afraid I’ll come. Believing I could succeed where she failed. God, I miss her! Hatred consumes me. I devolve into vengeance, I embrace it, I become it.

When I finish there are no pieces larger than my fist.

I’m shaking, gasping, covered with bits of flesh and gray matter from smashing their skulls.

I double over and hit the pavement, puking. I puke until I dry-heave then I dry-heave until my ears ring and my eyes are stinging.

I don’t have to look behind me to know the street is empty. My sister’s murderer is gone.

I finally got what I came to Dublin for.

I know who killed my sister.

I curl in a tight ball on the cold pavement and cry.


Hilcia said...

Ooooh, I read this excerpt! Who do you think it is?

Leslie said...

*Gasps* So good and 728 pages! Plus the gorgeous cover - can't wait!

Tricia said...

It really is torture waiting!!

Jill D. said...

Hilcia - I think this is Mac talking because she says she knows who killed her sister.

Leslie and Tricia - These excerpts are going to kill me by the time January gets here!

Hilcia said...

Ohhh, no I meant who do you think killed Mac's sister? LOL. And the excerpts are killing me too!

Jill D. said...

Hilcia - LOL, I don't know what I was thinking! Umm.. I am not sure who killed Mac's sister. I can't wait for this book!

sassy_pants said...

This is for sure Mac.
I am also getting the impression that Barrons is dead????
Nooooooooooooooooo!! Suckness!