Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Need Input

Okay, I just want to inform fellow readers that I have updated my sidebar to include links to my Series Sunday posts. For those of you who are interested, it will hopefully be an easy way to keep track of all the series and the reading order for their books.

Next up, I am wondering if it would be okay if I took down my Faefever countdown. I get quite a few visitors that drop by because of my Faefever links. I am wondering if it would be okay if I took it down now since the book has been out for a few months.

I am not very HTML savvy. I am pretty limited in what I can do with my blog. But I would like to learn how to write something and then cross it out. I want to be able to show viewers when I have completed a book for my book challenge by crossing through the title. Can any one help me with this or direct me to a website that can teach me?

If there is a particular feature that you really like or wish I had on my side bar, please feel free to comment about it. I am open to suggestions for improvement!


Rowena said...

Hey Jill,

I think whatever you decide to do with your blog is fine. I'm still loving the design of your blog, it's so simple, neat and just cool looking!

As for striking through sentences on your blog, it's the same as bold, italics, just with the letter s. So it would be like < s >Your sentence.< /s > only with no spaces between the s.

I hope that helps.

Brie said...

Hi Jill,

I agree with Rowena, whatever you want to take away or add to your blog is your choice.

And if readers are finding you through a Faefever search then I'm sure they will keep on finding you, regardless of the Faefever countdown, because of your Faefever review(s).

But again, it's all up to you. :-)

Tracy said...

I'm going with the crowd on this one. I think your blog is great.

If you do a google search on html tutorial there's one out there that is wonderful and informative. I know it's taught me more than a few things. :)

Jill D. said...

Oh my gosh, Rowena! Are you serious? It is that simple? LOL, I can do that!

Brie, you are so kind! In the end I will probably do whatever I please, but I am willing to listen to feedback :)

Tracy, Thanks so much! Sometimes I find the whole world of HTML mind boggling and a wee bit scary!

RandiLyn said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for asking the question about 'striking through'. I have been wondering how to do that.

I think you should do whatever you want your blog :-)

nath said...

Hi Jill :) It is scary, but after a couple of trials and errors, you can brave it :D

I too love your blog :D Whatever you want to do is fine :D

The only thing I could think of suggesting is perhaps make an archive of your reviews. You review a lot of books and it's great. However, you don't have a search engine on your blog or list of your labels (besides the genres). you do have the blog archives, but it's hard going through... not knowing if you've reviewed actually the book or not and if you did, which month it was. It'd be nice to simply have the list of all your reviews and be able to click on a link. Just a suggestion... :P

Jill D. said...

RandiLyn, Can you believe how simple it is? Thanks for you kind words.

Nath, HTML is kind of intimidating :)

Good suggestion. I have been wanting to do this, but I am just not sure about how to go about it. I am going to give it some thought and come up with a game plan. What I am thinking is to have a link to a post with all my reviews listed alphabetically by author. Whatever it is I do, it will have to be simple, LOL!

nath said...

If you need help, just let me know... I'm not super good, but by trials and errors... You know, my archive is simple as well. It doesn't matter simple or difficult... all that matters is the reviews :D

Bev(QB) said...

Well, I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I always thought it had to be written out as < strike > and < / strike> (without the spaces). Thanks for the shorthand Rowena!

Jill, when I started my blog, I knew less than nothing about HTML and CSS. I'm no expert now by any means, but I don't do too bad, I think.

If you aren't already doing so, use your Code editor instead of Compose mode when creating your posts. You'll learn a lot more HTML that way and besides, Compose mode is just evil and WILL screw your posts up.

Also, try AAAHHHH! IT'S GONE!!! I was going to point you to which is HTML and CSS for kids which means that everything is explained clearly with no geek language, but IT'S NOT THERE NOW! OMG, I hope it's only temporarily down because that is one of the best tutorials on the web.

Also, for more in-depth stuff, Peter Chen at has been a help more times than I could count.

And sometimes it's just easier to do a Google Web search for what you want to do. It would be rare that you couldn't find something similar. You just might have to re-word your search a few times and dig deep.

Jill D. said...

Wow, thanks Bev for all the great information. I will look into the code editor thing. I am not sure what I am using now. I just have to take the time to research some of the more advanced things I want to do.