Saturday, December 20, 2008

Review - Nobody’s Baby but Mine

Title: Nobody’s Baby but Mine
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Publishing Date: 1997
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: B+
Sensuality: Hot

Dr. Jane Darlington desperately wants a baby. She is thirty-four years old and has spent most of her life alone. Jane, with an advanced IQ, obtained a Ph.D in physics at a record young age of twenty. Jane wants the father of her baby to be dumb. This is to counteract her own intelligence so her child is normal. When she see’s the Chicago Star’s quarterback on TV being interviewed, she thinks he would be the perfect candidate. With a crazy scheme from her next door neighbor, Jane sets out to make her dream a reality.

The major complication in this book is that Jane deceives Cal, right at the beginning of the story. Even though, what Jane does is unethical and I had problems with her dishonesty, I still could see where she was coming from, as well as Cal’s point of view. It was easy to like both characters because Ms. Phillips’s writing is so very engaging. The reader is completely invested in these characters.

There were numerous funny scenes interspersed throughout the book along with heart-wrenching ones as well. The creative interaction between the characters was outrageous and extremely entertaining. I liked how Jane and Cal challenged each other. There is one scene in particular where Jane surprises Cal by sabotaging his favorite breakfast cereal, Lucky Charms. What a riot! The “first date” scene at the drive-in movie theater, as well as many others, are very memorable and will stay with readers long after they have finished the book. There is a side story involving Cal’s parents that only added to the emotional impact of the story. I can see why SEP has made such a big name for herself.

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Brie said...

Hi Jill, I've given you an award. Head over to my blog to check it out. :-)

Tracy said...

I've really liked the SEP's books I've read so far. Well, except for Heaven, Texas that I couldn't get into. I love her characters and her humor - a very easy-going, enjoyable read, always.

Rowena said...

LOL, I enjoyed this book too and that Lucky Charms scene was too funny for words! Great review!

Lori said...

Oh, yeah. The Lucky Charms scene is unforgettable! Classic.

Seneca said...

It sounds great. Awesome review :)

nath said...

I'm trying to get my hand on Heaven, Texas. Ugh... LOL :)

I remember reading this one :) but it didn't have much of an impact ^_^;

Jill D. said...

Brie, An award?! Thank you, I'll be sure to check it out!

Tracy, LOL, Heaven Texas was my favorite so far. Sorry, you didn't like it.

Rowena and Lori, The scene with the Lucky Charms cracked me up. I even told my husband about it. He eats Lucky Charms too. I tried to get him to read it, but alas, no luck :(

Seneca, Definitely, check it out when you get the chance.

Nath, I have been on a SEP kick and I am really enjoying myself.

Merry Christmas said...

This was my first SEP, and it set me on a run of reading about 7 of her books.

It rates in the top 3 for me.

However, the character of Cal was sullied for me when I read a later book, in which he behaves horribly to the heroine.