Saturday, November 20, 2010

Review - Bound to a Warrior

Title: Bound to a Warrior
Author: Donna Fletcher
Publishing Date: September 2010
Genre: Medieval
Rating: C-
Sensuality: Warm
Book Disclosure: I bought an ebook from Barnes & Noble for my Nook.

Duncan MacAlpine, on his way back home to Scotland finds himself captured by the English. He is handcuffed to a brave English woman, Mercy. At the first opportunity Duncan and Mercy break away from their captors. They must travel over treacherous land riddled with English soldiers avoiding recapture while literally bound to each other by their wrists. Talk about teamwork. These two must learn to master the art of hiking, eating, bathing and sleeping as one unit.

Sounds like a winning scenario for a great romance, right? Not so much. After the first chapter I knew this book wasn't for me. I am one of those optimistic readers who hope that the book is going to get better. While it did get better, it still wasn't a stellar read.

My main problem with the book was the writing style. It was overly simplified and too explanative. I didn't need to be given an explanation for every little action made by either Mercy or Duncan. Readers aren't idiots. We don't need every little nuance spelled out. Give us good action and we can intuit what is going on between the characters for ourselves. Also, the characters especially Mercy seemed a little too "fairy tale" perfect. Their personalities were not realistic enough for my taste. It is difficult for me to recommend this book.


Leslie said...

Too bad about this one. :(

I know it bugs when an author either keeps repeating info or makes me feel like I'm a complete idiot when they spell everything out.

Jill D. said...

Leslie - I know :( I was in the mood for a medieval, but this one did not impress me!