Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review - Hot Finish

Title: Hot Finish
Author: Erin McCarthy
Publishing Date: August 2010
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: C-
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: I borrowed a copy from the library.

Hot Finish is the third book in Erin McCarthy's Fast Track series centering around NASCAR race car drivers. Suzanne and Ryder Jefferson married young and could never seem to talk about their marriage problems. After a few years they divorced feeling it was for the best. But Suzanne and Ryder somehow seem to keep the other still in their life, not to mention the pesky little problem of still having feelings for the other. Suzanne and Ryder are once again thrust together when the wedding Suzanne is planning is a NASCAR wedding the Ryder is the best man of the groom. To complicate matters it turns out the divorce papers were never signed properly and Suzanne and Ryder are still legally married.

Hot Finish was a major disappointment for me. I really enjoy Erin McCarthy's writing. I loved her last Fast Track novel, Hard and Fast choosing it as a top read for last year. With that in mind I was really looking forward to her next release. The main reason for my disappointment was that Suzanne was such a BITCH!!! Honestly, she was not a very nice person. She was always griping and complaining. It was made even more glaringly obnoxious because Ryder was always so considerate and generous with her. I just couldn't stand the way she would treat him. Granted I will say that some of her behavior I could understand, but most of the time it just grated on my nerves.

Fortunately, Hot Finish is a well written book, with good dialogue between the NASCAR boys and the camaraderie between Suzanne and her friends. It's funny and fast paced like McCarthy's other books, but I just couldn't stand the heroine. If it wasn't for the stellar story telling I would haven't even finished the book. If you don't mind a prickly, bitch heroine with a stick up her butt, then maybe you will enjoy this more than I did.

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nath said...

Really? You thought Suzanne was a bitch? I don't know. I was disappointed because of the story, how the situation between the two was resolved more than anything. I thought there was too much sex and not enough content.

One thing that looking back, I realize that I did love is the fact that throughout the book, Ryder knew that Suzanne was the woman he loved.

Jill D. said...

Nath - Yes. I did not like Suzanne at all. She was so angry about everything. I mean she was a wedding planner that constantly bitched about it. Ryder was a nice as could be and she would just snarl and growl at him all the time. I did like Ryder but I couldn't see why he was attracted to Suzanne.

Sugarbeat said...

Thank you for your review.....I was so looking forward to reading this book. I guess I too much of a sucker for a well-buffed man on the cover. Maybe I won't read it, just prop it up beside my computer so I can look at the cover ;)

Jill D. said...

Hey Sugarbeat - Thanks for stopping by! Sorry to have spoiled it for you. If you read the other reviews it was a mixed bag - some really enjoyed it. Maybe it was just me.

LOL, I like the idea of just proping the book up to look at. Definitely good eye candy! I liked Hard and Fast much better and hey, the cover is just as yummy :)