Monday, March 21, 2011

The Perfect Wife

Title: The Perfect Wife
Author: Victoria Alexander
Publishing Date: 1996
Genre: Historical
Rating: D
Sensuality: Warm
Book Disclosure: I received this as a free book from a friend a year ago.

Sabrina Winfield has longed for stability for her daughter and herself since her first husband died young and virtually left her penniless. She has been an example of just what a young woman should be, not calling attention to herself and living an exemplary lifestyle. The Earl of Wyldewood's son is engaged to her daughter, yet he might just have designs on the Mother of the Bride. After all, he is in need of a wife himself and what a lovely woman she is. Sabrina has vowed never to need to depend on a man. Very uncharacteristically of her she decides to head to Egypt in search of treasure that will provide her daughter with a proper dowry.

I had a lot of problems with this book. I will say that I was quickly sucked into the story by a charismatic character in Lady Sabrina and her wild adventure after a treasure. However, Lady Sabrina after a few short chapters turned out to be a very annoying character. She was extremely hard headed with her own perception of things with not much bending room. She came across as immature and flighty, which I did not find endearing in the least. I liked Nicholas more than I did Sabrina. He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders and I was quick to take his side over things rather than Sabrina's, but in the end, I wondered what he saw in her.

There was a secondary love story between Sabrina's daughter Belinda and Nicholas's son Erick. Their relationship was just touched upon but did not really delve beneath the surface. I cringed at Sabrina's reaction to her daughter at times and vice versa. Belinda was exactly as Sabrina raised her, yet Sabrina would get annoyed with her daughter's behavior when that was how she was taught to behave. Sabrina and Nicholas’s love story was moderately believable at best. I can't really recommend this book. It was definitely not my style.


nath said...

This was definitively one of my least favorite books by Ms Alexander. Ugh. Just really hard to read and I wonder if it's because it was released in 1996.

Have to say though, one of my complaints is that both H/H had children :( It wasn't romantic to me that the children and parents were falling in love ^_^;

Maija said...

Doesn't sound good... And I had this on my to-be-bought list :/ Well, I won't be buying it. And not even borrowing. I don't like kids (especially grown ones) in books.

Jill D. said...

Nath - The age of the characters didn't really bother me, maybe it's because I am older :) But I didn't like that the characters acted so immature.

Maija - Yeah, If I were you I would pass on it. You won't miss anything.