Sunday, March 9, 2008

Review - Laird of the Mist


Title: Laird of the Mist
Author: Paula Quinn
Publishing Date: December 2007
Genre: Medieval
Rating: C
Sensuality: Hot

Kate Campbell is fighting for her life. The only home Kate has ever known in southern Scotland, Glen Orchy, is attacked by raiders. As she tires from fighting the McColls, Callum MacGregor comes to her rescue and saves her life. The problem is Callum and Kate’s families have been enemies for many generations. Callum kidnaps Kate to flush out her cowardly uncle, Duncan Campbell. He takes her back with him to his home in remote northern Scotland.

Both Callum and Kate are likeable characters. Callum is very tortured and brooding, yet he is kind and caring. Kate is feisty, yet sweet and innocent too. There is quite a long list of secondary characters; all of which I liked as well. But for me, something was missing. Even though I liked the characters well enough, my emotions weren’t engaged on a deep enough level to care what happened to them.

Another thing not going for this book is the tragedy surrounding both families. Each family has caused the other insurmountable suffering. To me, this over shadowed the love story. The “happy ever after” seems hopeless and unbelievable. There is a “happy ever after,” but I wish certain issues would have been explained more clearly. I just couldn’t get into this story. I think people who like Julie Garwood’s characters would probably like this book. For some reason, I was just not able to connect with this story.

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Jace said...

I've got this in the TBR! Hmmmm ... I'll get to it when I get to it. LOL

Jace said...

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Jill D. said...

Jace, Well don't let me stop you. Maybe I am in a drought, because the last two books I read were both "C" books for me.

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