Monday, March 24, 2008

Review - Sugar Daddy

Title: Sugar Daddy
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Publishing Date: March 2007
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: A
Sensuality: Hot

Sugar Daddy is the story of Liberty Jones. It is told in the first person from Liberty’s point of view. She and her mother move to the small town of Welcome, Texas when she is fourteen years old. She meets the handsome, capable Hardy Cates. With his piercing blue eyes and lean athletic body, she quickly develops a crush on him. He is seventeen years old, with a fierce yearning to leave the town behind and make something big happen for himself. He vows never to indulge in his longing for Liberty and strives to keep his distance from her or he knows he will never leave Welcome. I will leave the plot description to a minimum as to not give away too much of the story.

I absolutely loved this book. Liberty is a fantastic heroine. She is the type of person you want to root for every step of the way. She is a strong fighter and yet she is vulnerable and generous too. In her life, she encounters many harsh problems and I felt the despair right along side Liberty. Some moments were absolutely heartbreaking. These obstacles in her life are what make her so strong and when she does triumph, it makes the victory all that much sweeter.

The hero of this book (and I’ll not say who it is as to not give away the ending) is a great match for Liberty in every way. He has to be one of the top heroes in romance, in my opinion. He is strong and protective; a man’s man if you will. He wants to take care of Liberty and provide her with the things she didn’t have when she was younger. He is also caring and understanding of Liberty’s problems and wants nothing more than to give her whatever she needs to be happy. I loved the ending of this book and I couldn’t be happier with the choice Liberty made.

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Kate said...

Wow...I just ran over here from mine and saw that you've posted on Sugar Daddy just as I have! Unfortunately, I disagree with you...

Ana said...

Jill, such a coincidence: Thea is going to post a review of Sugar Daddy today as well!

I love Lisa Kleypas but am terrified of reading a contemporary but between you and Thea raving about this, I may just cross that border.....

Are you going to read Blue Eyed Devil?

Kristie (J) said...

I loved this one too and can hardly wait to dive into Blue Eyed Devil.
Ana - I think you really will enjoy Sugar Daddy. It's totally different from her historicals - but equally wonderful!!

Kate said...

Hm...any other dissenters out there? :) I thought the book was sort of flat - not bad, but not really that great, and just sort of forgettable. I also couldn't stand the first person POV, though I know that's a personal opinion (I generally don't like first person.) I've only read one other Kleypas novel, which I liked well enough, and I didn't think Sugar Daddy was nearly as good as the other one I read (Mine Till Midnight).

Mollie said...

I loved Sugar Daddy. I just got the sequel this morning from the library! Cant wait to read it!

Sarai said...

Okay another review on Sugar Daddy I can't wait to sink into this one!!!

Jill D. said...

Kate, You know, sometimes I find that if I can't get into the person's "voice", I can't get into the book. I didn't have this problem with Sugar Daddy, but I have in other books before. So far, all the talk about this book has been good. I am going to link your review to this one. Hey not everyone agrees :)

Ana, BED - I am so there!

Kristie, I didn't get a chance to tell you but congrats on the acknowledgement from Lisa. Wow, I would be speechless too and when I read your post I got goosebumps! Lucky you!

Mollie, Holy Cow! Your library already had BED?! It will be at least a month before mine gets it.

Sarai, Yep, you definitely have to read it!

Kate said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I'm happy to be the lone dissenter :)

I probably won't bother with Blue-Eyed Devil, but I still can't wait for Seduce Me At Sunrise.

Brie said...

I've heard really good things about this book. I'm not usually a fan of first person, but I might just give this one a go.

Jill D. said...

Kate, I really liked Mine Til Midnight too. Actually, now that I think on it, there isn't a Kleypas book I don't like. I too am looking forward to Seduce Me At Sunrise.

Brie, If you decide to go for it let us know your thoughts :) It is a really quick read, I couldn't put it down and read it in just one day.

Christine said...

I read SUGAR DADDY last year (over a year ago!) when it first came out in hardcover and really loved it. I also felt Liberty's despair as she faced heartbreak after letdown after obstacle after heartbreak. BUT it wasn't depressing because Liberty was a survivor and as vulnerable as she was, she always fought to keep her head above water. This story showed how important hope and perseverance are in order to survive.

Now it is finally time for BED! LOL I just bought it yesterday... can't wait to start reading it! :)

Kate said...

Merripen sounded way more interesting to me than Cam! I think I'm going to have to adopt Kleypas historicals for awhile.

Jill D. said...

Christine, Yes, Sugar Daddy moved me. I teared up a few times throughout the story, especially when Liberty lost her mother.

Kate, Oh I can't wait for Merripen's story. It looks so good. I was thouroughly intriqued by him in Mine til Midnight.