Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anticipating 2010 New Releases

I don't know about you, but I already have a sizable list going, detailing all the books I am looking forward to next year. I keep a spreadsheet on Google Documents to keep track of new releases. Especially when blog hopping, as lots of times they will inform me of new releases and I jot them down so I don't forget. Am I just super anal, or does anybody else keep track too?

So far my list is pretty managable. I am only wishing for 39 books thus far. Of course, here we are at the end of 2009 and therefor I am positive my list is not complete. But hey, I have room for it to grow by about 30 (100) books!

1. Shattered - Joan Johnston (Romantic Suspense)
2. Sleep No More - Susan Crandall (Romantic Suspense)
3. Switch - Megan Hart (Contemporary/Erotic)

4. Truly, Madly - Heather Webber (Paranormal)
5. Lessons in French - Laura Kinsale (Historical)
6. Ravishing in Red - Madeline Hunter (Historical)
7. Pleasure of a Dark Prince - Kresley Cole (Paranomal)
8. First Drop of Crimson - Jeaniene Frost (Urban Fantasy)
9. Pride Mates - Jennifer Ashley (Paranormal)
10. The Next Best Thing - Kristin Higgins (Contemporary)

11. Provocative in Pearls - Madeline Hunter (Historical)
12. Naked Edge - Pamela Clare (Romantic Suspense)
13. Something About You - Julie James (Contemporary)
14. Wild Ride - Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer (Romantic Suspense)
15. SEALed with a Ring - Mary Margaret Daughtridge (Contemporary)

16. Silver Bourne - Patrcia Briggs (Urban Fantasy)
17. Mind Games - Carolyn Crane (Urban Fantasy)
18. Tales of the Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong (Urban Fantasy)
19. Demonkeepers - Jessica Andersen (Paranormal)
20. Patience - Lisa Valdez (Historical)

21. Lover Mine - J.R. Ward (Paranormal)
22. Vampire Mistress - Joey W. Hill (Paranormal/Erotic)
23. Sinful - Charlotte Featherstone (Historical/Erotic)
24. Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts (Contemporary)

25. Forbidden Rose - Joanna Bourne (Historical)
26. Ten Things I love About You - Julia Quinn (Historical)
27. Married by Morning - Lisa Kleypas (Historical)
28. The Stars Below - Marjorie M. Liu (Paranormal)

29. Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage - Jennifer Ashley (Historical)
30. Demon Blood - Meljean Brook (Paranormal)

31. Infamous - Suzanne Brockmann (Romantic Suspense)
32. Demon After Dark - Kresley Cole (Paranormal)
33. Hot Finish - Erin McCarthy (Contemporary)
34. Last Night's Scandal - Loretta Chase (Historical)
35. Waking the Witch - Kelley Armstrong (Urban Fantasy)

36. Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning (Urban Fantasy)

37. Happy Ever After - Nora Roberts (Contemporary)

38. Love in the Afternoon - Lisa Kleypas (Historical)
39. Veil of Night - Linda Howard

For the most part these are all books from my favorite authors who have on going series. I am familiar with their writing and they they hardly ever let me down. I have also included two authors I have never read before, Charlotte Featherstone and Heather Webber. This is because someone pimped their books and they sounded good to me.

What books are you looking forward to?


SarahT said...

Great list, Jill. I see we have many crossovers.

Enjoy your New Year celebrations!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I am always waiting for the next Ward BDB book. YAY JM! Just can't get off that crack. Also Lisa Kleypas. The next 2 books in her Hathaway series look like winners.

Katie Mack said...

I've got the Crusie/Mayer and Julie James books on my buy list too. I'll probably get the Megan Hart as well. I'm torn over the new McCarthy because Hard and Fast disappointed me, and the heroine from the new one irritated the hell out of me in H&F too. That's a "we'll see" for me.

The one I can't wait for is the next Julia Spencer-Fleming. Others on my eagerly awaiting list include new Blazes by Kathleen O'Reilly, Sarah Mayberry, and Nancy Warren; the next books in Jill Shalvis' baseball series and Louisa Edwards' Recipe for Love series. Hmm, I know I'm missing a lot, but that's all I've got right now.

If keeping a spreadsheet is super-anal, I've gone well beyond that. I designed a complex database completely devoted to my reading library that I'm anal about keeping updated. This provides much fodder for teasing from my family.

Lori said...

Looks like a good list, Jill.

Hope you have a great new year!

Leslie said...

You’ve got a bunch that I’m looking forward to. Hmmm… there’s also C. L. Wilson, Nalini Singh, Deanna Raybourn, Rob Thurman, Linnea Sinclair and Larissa Ione. Yeah, I could go on and on. LOL So many books to look forward to. :)

Anna ♥ said...

What a wonderful list! Ooh, so many great releases next year.

I'm definitely looking forward to Pleasure of a Dark Prince and Demon After Dark by the fabulous Kresley Cole. She's been an auto-buy for me since book 1 of her Immortals series. :D Looking forward to the new J.R. Ward of course! Mmm, BDB brothers. And holy cow! Lisa Valdez is finally releasing her next book? Will of course have to check that one out too. I wonder if it will live up to the hype though...

I would love to learn how to use a spreadsheet. I always try to write down the books I want somewhere but usually end up losing my list, LOL.

Jill D. said...

Sarah - Thanks, you too!

Katiebabs - Yes, I can't seem to get off the BDB crack either. I have not tried Covet, though. Might as well not even go there. And I think we all know I am a Kleypas fan girl. Oh well, nobodys perfect.

Katie - Oh man, sorry to hear that Hard and Fast didn't work for you. It was one of my favorite books of the year! I just love her writing style. It really works for me.

Ooooh, a database? Sounds like a lot of work, but extremely rewarding. I use shelfari to also keep track of my reading.

Lori - Thanks, you too!

Leslie - It doesn't surprise me that we have a lot of books in common. We do seem to share the same taste :)

Anna - I love Kresley Cole. I have been wating for my next IAD fix. I sure wish she would write faster, lol!

That is why I like using Google Documents because I can access the file from any computer and I don't have to worry about losing it.

nath said...

Very good list, Jill :D By the way, I already saw Switch last week in store...

So, Wild Ride is finally being released. That's nice. I have a pretty nice list so far too for the year to come which reminds me, I have to put it on paper and give it to bookstore...

I agree with Leslie on Nalini Singh, Rob Thurman... and a couple of more authors :D

Jill D. said...

Nath - Yep, I bought Switch two days ago! I can't wait to get started on it. And that's a great idea about giving your list to the book store, especially since James is so helpful, lol!

Christine said...

Great list! I have a few of those on my wish list, too.

SILVER BOURNE is high on my list of anticipated reads. Also, MIND GAMES by our very own Carolyn Crane, Tessa Dare's upcoming new trilogy, WICKED BECOMES YOU by Meredith Duran and ARCHANGEL'S KISS by Nalini Singh. I'm sure there are more, but those come to mind first.

I hope you have a great year of reading in 2010!

Jill D. said...

Christine - I have been meaning to get to the Tessa Dare books from last year. I need to read those before I get to her new releases! So many bloggers have mentioned how much they enjoy her.