Friday, December 11, 2009

Review - Hotter After Midnight

Title: Hotter After Midnight
Author: Cynthia Eden
Publishing Date: 2008
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: C+
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: Rented from Paperspine. It also fills the requirements for the RT Reading Challenge.

Dr. Emily Drake is a therapist who specializes in Other clients. See, Emily has a special skill in that she can tell who amongst the living who is not quite human. Not only can she tell that a person is not human, but she can tell specifically what type of Other they are. For example, like whether they are vampire, shifter, demon, etc. Emily is asked to help aid the police profile a killer who has killed a man. It is obvious to Emily right away that the killer is a shifter. She also happens to partnered up with Detective Colin Gyth, who also happens to be a shifter.

I really liked the way Hotter After Midnight started out. In the first chapter Emily is counseling a newly turned vampire who is disgusted with the idea of drinking blood. So right away the reader gets a sense that the Other have problems just like people do and that they have a certain humanity to them. When Emily and Colin meet the sparks really fly. Emily is fearful of Colin because out of the Other, shifters are the most dangerous. Colin doesn't want to let Emily out of sight because him being a shifter is not known to the men on the police force. Most of the world do not realize that there are Others among them.

The middle part of the story dragged for me. Emily has secrets about her past that she is keeping from Colin and Colin is keeping what type of shifter he is from Emily. Too many secrets that went unrealized for too long, left the plot sagging in the middle. Also, the overall feel to the story felt light even though Colin and Emily are after a killer. I never really felt that the characters where in any true danger or felt suspense or tension. If you like your paranormals more on the light side then this might be more your speed. I tend to like mine a little grittier.

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nath said...

It actually sounds cute and I like the idea of a person being able to identify Others from a glance. Do you think you're going to read the 2 other books of the trilogy?

Jill D. said...

Nath - It is actually a cute book. I think as long as you go into reading it realizing it has a light tone, instead of a dark, brooding tone, then readers will enjoy the story. I didn't realize it was part of a trilogy. I'll look into that. I do plan on reading more of Eden's work. I have a couple of anthologies that have short stories by her in them. I might read one of those first.

nath said...

She has another series out.. I was thinking of getting it, but it was in trade-size...

Maija A. said...

I think I'll give this one a try some day!