Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Review - For the Love of Pete

Title: For the Love of Pete
Author: Julia Harper (aka Elizabeth Hoyt)
Publishing Date: January 2009
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: B-
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: Received a used copy from Paperbackswap.

For the Love of Pete starts off with a bang right from the beginning. Zoey Addler is pissed because her sexy next door neighbor just stole the parking space that she managed to shovel free of snow. As she is standing there ranting at him, a man comes out of their apartment complex with a baby in one arm and a gun in the other. He starts shooting at Zoey and Dante - aka "Hot Lips". As Dante is about to give chase to the baby napper, Zoey hops into his BMW and is already dialing 911. That's her neice who was taken and Zoey is determined to get her back.

For the Love of Pete is a silly, light-hearted read. Zoey is very impulsive and is definitely not afraid to speak her mind. Dante is pretty much her complete opposite. He is very neat and likes things well thought out and planned. These two end up working together to get Zoey's niece, Pete back from the kidnapper. Some very silly things happen along the way as two little old ladies in Indian Saris steal the kidnapper's vehicle. The two little old ladies were quite a hoot. They have known each other since they were little girls and they have quite the history together. Their conversations were fun to read and very enjoyable.

The romance between Zoey and Dante was a little hard to believe. The story only takes place over a few days and suddenly they are in love. Ummm... okaaaaaay. It's just that I could believe Zoey would fall in love that quickly, but I figure Dante being the less impulsive one of the couple would need more time. For the Love of Pete isn't a bad story. The characters are fun and entertaining. The writing is clever and flows well. It's just the romance was a little lacking in comparison to the kidnapping plot. So far, I like Elizabeth's historical romances better.

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Kwana said...

Thanks for the review. I'd like to check this one out.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Such a loopy, adorable read. The hitman with his wife and son was hilarious.

nath said...

The whole book was actually unbelievable... that's why it was so fun :)

Pearl said...

I loved this book! Liked it more than HOT, the book preceding this one. And I agree with you in liking Hoyt's historicals better.

Katie Mack said...

I like Hoyt's historicals better too, but I had fun with this one. I actually didn't care much for the Indian ladies storyline, and usually found myself eager to get back to the main story. The hitman and his wife, though, I though that one was funny. I haven't gone back to read Hot -- I've read many mixed reactions on that one -- but I'll definitely read her next Harper release.

Jill D. said...

Kwana - Great! I hope you enjoy it.

Katiebabs - Oh yeah, how could I have forgotten to mention the hitman? I loved the description of his wife and how she had him wrapped around her fingers!

Nath - You're right. I don't know why I was being so picky :) and it was fun.

Pearl and Katie - I haven't read Hot and I don't know if I will. But I will give a future contemp a try. I'll have to research what she has in the works.