Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review - Lead Me On

Title: Lead Me On
Author: Victoria Dahl
Publishing Date: January 2010
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: B-
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: I purchased a used copy.

Jane Morgan is as buttoned up as they come. She has made a life for herself that she can be proud of as an office manager in an architectural firm. She strictly limits herself to dating white collar men who bore her to tears. Then into her life walks Chase, a demolition expert who makes her blood surge. He is burly and tattooed and Jane wants him, but believes he is bad for her. Chase wants show Jane a good time and gives her the opportunity to let down her hair. Jane's mind tells her Chase is trouble, but her body is saying yes. Which do you think wins out?

For the most part I enjoyed Lead Me On. It's a good story that's fast paced and easy to read. What kept it from being a favorite were Jane and her hang-ups. Jane was a really wild teenager and until she changed her life around she would have ended up in jail or knocked-up at a young age. She saw the light and from then on vowed never to be that young woman again. She alienated herself from her family and changed her name. When she meets Chase she just assumes he is an uneducated biker dude and only wants to use him for sex. This aspect of her character is the chink in her armor. She uses this excuse to act disrespectful to Chase more than once.

The saving grace for Lead Me On is Chase, but one has to wonder just what exactly Chase see's in Jane. Chase is a great hero, one who is there for Jane when her personal life starts falling apart and she needs a shoulder to lean on. Chase is a solid rock and Jane treats him like crap for the first half of the book. That drove me a little crazy. But like I said, it's a fast paced book and it was easy to read. Jane just needed to ease up for me to like her more. I did enjoy the relationship between Chase and his Dad. I liked that this book was centered on Jane and Chase's families. They were a large focus of the book and it worked to bring Jane and Chase together.

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Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Jane was buttoned up but sure did enjoy to ride. ;)

Cecile said...

I have not gotten to this one yet... I am not even sure if it is in the mountains of what I call a TBR pile... eeekkk... guess I need to go see.
Great review. I like that is was fast pace; especially if Jane was getting on your nerves... it went quickly!
Great job!

Anonymous said...

awesome review!! I haven't heard of this author, but I want to read some of her stuff now!!!

Jill D. said...

Katie - LOL, Jane was a wild one.

Cecile - It wasn't a bad read, but I imagine Jane will drive some readers nuts.

Queen of Romance - Victoria Dahl is a new author who started releasing books a couple of years ago. She writes both historical and contempories. She has quite a following in blogland. I have only read her contemporaries. But over all I enjoy her writing style.

nath said...

I have this one in my TBR pile, but I'm not sure :( Don't think i would like Jane ^_^;

Jill D. said...

Nath - Yeah, this one won't be for everybody. Hard to say...