Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review - Wild Ride

Title: Wild Ride
Author: Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer
Publishing Date: March 2010
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: C-
Sensuality: Warm
Book Disclosure: Borrowed from the library

Mary Alice Brannigan, who goes by Mab, has come back to her home town to restore an old amusement park. Strange things are happening in the park. Clown statues seem to come to life, people are being shot at and friends talk of demons. Plus, a handsome man is fawning all over her and she can't figure out why. He is irresistibly handsome and shouldn't be interested in a boring, drab woman like her.

I really like Jennifer Crusie, but this book was a major dud for me. If you continue on reading this review be prepared for a rant, for I feel one coming on. I was disappointed with Wild Ride. I was looking for a romance and what I got was slap stick horror. That is definitely not my cup of tea. Yes, there are traces of Crusies's signature style. There is quite an interesting ensemble cast, which offers up great dialogue. But that in my opinion that is about all this book had to offer, unless of course you like comedic horror, then you might enjoy this "Wild Ride".

Have you ever seen the movie Army of Darkness, or some other horror flick that was more for laughs than for screams? That is what Wild Ride reminded me of. There were stuffed teddy bears, the ones that people try to win at carnival games. These little buggers came to life and tried to kill people. Mab as a choice of heroine was definitely unusual. She dresses like a bag lady and wears a minor's hat on her head. It has a light on it so she can see when painting in the dark. Umm... okaaaaay...

The romance is a big fat let down. Romance? What romance? It was about two pages towards the end of the book. Really the only thing that kept me reading was because it's Jennifer Crusie. I just kept hoping it would get better. Unfortunately, it never did. I give it points for being original, but I can't recommend this one.

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Mollie said...

So far the only one of Crusie's collaborations that I've enjoyed was Agnes and the Hitman. I was hoping this would be a repeat. Guess not....?!

Although in one of her recent blog posts about the covers of her mass market re-issues she said this about what she writes:

"The first tries were good-looking covers–I still love the Crazy for You cover from this pass–but they were too chick lit. I have nothing against chick lit, I’ve written some of it (see the cover for Trust Me On This) but the six solos I’ve written for SMP are not chick lit. Or romance. They’re women’s fiction, but only kinda. It’s hard to describe."

Thought that was rather interesting....

~ames~ said...

Crap crap crap. I have nothing against comedic horror (loved Army of Darkness and Zombieland LOL) but I wanted another Agnes and the Hitman. I don't know if I want to read this now. :(

Hilcia said...

Hmm... I'm looking to try reading Crusie's books. I'll make sure not to add this one to my list. Thanks for the review and sorry you didn't enjoy it. :(

Leslie said...

I like Crusie but I'm skipping this one. Thanks for the review!

nath said...

Sigh, another bummer. Like Ames said, crap :( Ah well, I guess it was a good thing I was waiting RT to get this book :D

I definitively think Ms Crusie should stop collaboration. They haven't worked so far, so why continue?

She has a solo release coming out this summer. Let's all cross our fingers.

Jill D. said...

Mollie - Oh yes, I really enjoyed Agnes and the Hitman too. That was really good. Interesting that she doesn't consider herself a romance writer. Well, Wild Ride definitely wasn't a romance. Thanks for sharing that tid-bit with me!

Ames - I know! Total bummer. Oh well. Maybe you will like it.

Hilcia - I think you might want to start with another book of her's. Maybe try Bet Me or Agnes and the Hitman.

Leslie - Yeah, I don't blame you for skipping it.

Nath - I just didn't want to wait to read it. Looks like I coul have, huh. I did like Agnes and the Hitman, so that collaberation worked for me. However, I would like to see her write on her own. I didn't know she has another book coming out. Fill me in on the details!

nath said...

Out of all her collaboration, Agnes and the Hitman was the only one that worked for me. So it seems Agnes and the Hitman is more the exception...

As for the new book coming out, if you go to her blog, you'll find the following info:

Maybe This Time

In stores on August 31, 2010.

Previously titled Always Kiss Me Goodnight, this is Jenny’s version of The Turn of the Screw: Emmeline takes a job caring for two orphans in the middle of nowhere (also known as Southern Ohio) at the behest of her ex-husband, and ends up with a houseful of delinquents, ex-in-laws, and ghosts. Plus there’s a haunted couch. Trouble ensues.

Tracy said...

What a bummer that the romance sucked - or was non-existent. Crusie does romance so well that would ruin the book for me.