Thursday, June 24, 2010

July Wishlist!

I have a few books I am looking forward to in July. I have had an influx of books come in over the last couple of weeks. I have a feeling it will be a while before I get my hands on these July releases. But hey, a girl can still window shop, right?!

Ben Treven - Book 2

Hathaway Series - Book 5

Infernal Club - Book 2

Urban Fantasy
Dark Days - Book 4


Romantic Suspense

Part of a series - Book 2

Guardian - Book 6


Leslie said...

I've been meaning to try Eisler and I've got the NR requested from the library.

I forgot about the next Jennifer Ashley. That's the one about Lord Ian's brother. Should be good. Thanks for reminding me!

Some very good upcoming releases. :)

nath said...

You didn't list Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh! Is it because you don't read this author or you forgot? :P

I need to read the Eisler. Sigh, I've been reading some books from my RT haul, but not as much as I wished ^_^;

I'm really looking forward to Love in the Afternoon! I've read the excerpt and I have a feeling I'm really going to like it :D

Wooohooo on Demon Blood. Guess I need to move and read Demon Forged ^_^;

Jill D. said...

Leslie - That's good that you can already request NR's book. My library usually doesn't have the books in the system until it releases, by then really popular books will have a long wait. But since I have such an extensive TBR pile it's not really that big a deal.

Nath - LOL, Nalini Singh is just one of those authors I can't seem to get into.

Yes, you need to read the Eisler. I really liked it, but keep in mind it is not a typical romance. Although, there is romance in it. I liked the relationship between the brothers better. There is a lot of baggage between the two main male characters.

Yeah, I haven't read as many books from my RT haul as I would have liked to either. Since so many good books have been released, I am choosing to read those first. I am working on Married by Morning right now. So far I am enjoying it.