Monday, June 14, 2010

Review - Lover Mine

Title: Lover Mine
Author: JR Ward
Publishing Date: May 2010
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: C
Sensuality: Warm
Book Disclosure: I checked out a copy from my library.

Lover Mine is part of JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I am too lazy to look up which book it is in the series, but if I had to guess, I'd say it is book eight. Anyway, Lover Mine is John Matthew and Xhex's story. Xhex went missing at the end of Lover Avenged and John Matthew is determined to find her even though most everybody else thinks she is dead. Of course, there is a lot of other stuff happening because JR Ward likes to have multiple storylines going on at once. There is a thread of flashbacks pertaining to the brother Darius and Tohrment. Lash and the lessers have a storyline. Qhuinn and Blay have a storyline.

My overall impression with Lover Mine is unfortunately one of indifference. After reading it, I felt some disappointment and that in comparison to the other books in the series, Lover Mine failed to engage my emotions. There were some things I liked about the book, but there were also some things I didn't.

The things I did enjoy were the same things I enjoy about JR Ward's signature writing. Her characters are larger than life. She also uses a lot of euphemisms and slang which sets the tone of her books apart from the masses. She also has multiple storylines that all eventually coalesce at the end.

The problems I had with the book were that several times I wondered where the heck all of these different storylines were going and if whether or not they would eventually make sense. Eventually they do come together, but it feels like a case of too little too late. I could see the direction Ward was going, but the way she got there was ultimately unsatisfying. It’s like when you are craving potato chips and you finally go to the store and buy them only to discover that you bought the "no salt" kind. When everything is revealed at the end it all came together too quickly and with hardly any explanation of things. The reveal was utterly without JR Ward's usual pizazz.

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Katiebabs/ KB said...

It all comes down to Qhunn and Blay for me. Their scenes made me sob inside, including the one where JM cries because he thinks Xhex is dead as she stands next to him invisible.

Don't get me starting on the horny ghost haunting the bed and breakfast, oops I'm a brother yo.

Hilcia said...

Oh Jill, I didn't even read this book. :( I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Unfortunately for me, I actually DNF'd the last book and passed on this one, and I used to love this series. Oh well, there's always re-reading. :D

~ames~ said...

Ugh, the ghost and paranormal show thing was totally pointless. And boring!

I'm all about Qhay. LOL

Tracy said...

I have to say that the 3 different stories going on was more than off putting, but I liked the main story overall. I'm just sad that she felt the need to go that route. *sigh* when will she take my advice? lol

Kris said...

I enjoyed this book more than the last book, though the whole ghost hunting storyline was a little weird. I just kind of skimmed those because i got tired of trying to figure out where she was going with it. But the other storylines i liked a lot. I loved getting John Matthew's story and a little of Xhex's history.