Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review - All I Ever Needed

Title: All I Ever Needed
Author: Jo Goodman
Publishing Date: 2003
Genre: Historical
Rating: B
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: I downloaded an audio book from my library.

All I Ever Needed is the third book in Jo Goodman's Compass Quartet. Lord Eastlyn finds himself embroiled in rumors that he is engaged to Lady Sophia. To right the wrongs that have been done to this young woman, he decides to meet with her at her Uncle's estate to discuss how the matter should be resolved. When Sophie refuses to listen to good sense and declares he has nothing to feel responsible for, Eastlyn finds himself proposing to Sophie even though it was his intention to avoid marriage from the beginning of this meeting. He finds Sophie's rejection of him intriguing and challenging. He is determined to change her mind for he fears she might be in danger.

It's true that there is treachery amidst Sophie's life. Her Uncle and Cousin are up to no good. It takes Eastlyn a while to gain Sophie's trust and pry the details out of her. I enjoyed All I Ever Needed a little more than I did Everything I Ever Wanted. I found Sophie and Eastlyn to have a more humorous relationship. Although, keep in mind with Goodman's writing style the humor is very subtle and dry. Again Goodman sets up the mood very well leaving this miasma of darkness surrounding Eastlyn and Sophie. Eventually, Goodman gets around to unraveling all the strands in this dark web she weaves.

I admit that it is not a good idea to read all of the Compass Club books back to back like I have done. They all start to blend in together too well. There are a lot of similarities to the style of each book which by the third one makes it somewhat predictable. I still am enjoying Goodman's writing as she is a master storyteller. I will wait a few months before I tackle the final book in the series.


許瑋菁 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Hilcia said...

This series just looks good, Jill. You seem to be enjoying it. The last Goodman I read was Never Love a Lawman. I need to get back to Goodman. :)

Leslie said...

Goodman does tell a compelling story. Hope you enjoy the last book. :)

Kristie (J) said...

I agree on the not reading them close together. You do tend to notice the similarities too much. Sometimes series books are read best altogether and sometimes not. FWIW, I found the last one a bit more different than the others, but yeah - some time in between would make you appreciate it more I think.

Jill D. said...

Hilcia - I just really like Goodman's writing style and her characters usually appeal to me. If you like Never Love a Lawman, you will really enjoy her other books as well. I highly recommend her.

Leslie - Goodman is up there in my top ten favorite authors. I am glad I have a lot of her backlist to look forward to.

Kristie - I have had this problem with a lot of authors. I should have heeded the warning bells and not read them so close together. Ah well, so it goes... so it goes :)