Friday, July 9, 2010

Review - Married by Morning

Title: Married by Morning
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Publishing Date: June 2010
Genre: Historical
Rating: A
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: I received a used copy from Paperbackswap.

Married by Morning is the fourth book in Lisa Kleypas's Hathaway series. Leo Hathaway and Catherine Marks have been fighting their attraction to each other for a couple of books now. Catherine has been installed as a companion/governess to Beatrice and Poppy Hathaway, Leo's sisters to help them learn the rules of society. Catherine has been hiding from something and been very secretive about her past. She thinks it is soon time for her to leave the Hathaway’s because she might be putting them at risk, however she doesn't want to leave the one family who make her feel like she belongs.

Funny thing about Married by Morning is that I wasn't sure I would like Leo for a hero. He really didn't have all that much appeal in the earlier Hathaway books as he chose the path of debauchery when he lost his childhood sweetheart. So then with having no expectations other than a good read by Ms. Kleypas, I found myself really enjoying Leo's transformation in Married by Moring.

The main appeals were the delightful scenes between Catherine and Leo that exercised their wit. I think my favorite would be when Leo demonstrated to Catherine how kissing can make a person lose their intelligence. He would kiss her and then ask her to solve a riddle. Because she couldn't answer correctly she'd make him ask another question. Of course, Leo would have to kiss her first before he could ask her another question.

There were several cute scenes like that and it amazes me how Ms. Kleypas makes them all seem so effortless. The pacing is great, the characters are wonderful. Even the little ferret drew me in. I can't help but be enchanted with Married by Morning.

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Anonymous said...

I picked up this book yesterday and I can't wait to read it! Your excellent review confirmed that I made the right decision. Thanks for the post and drop by my blog if you are interested in the Ultimate Purple Passion Package GIVEAWAY I am currently having.

Hilcia said...

Definitely loved Leo and Marks. I love a man with a sense of humor and Leo's wit had me. Definitely enjoyed this book. :)

nath said...

You enjoyed it much more than me. I never doubted about liking Leo. I find him a really honest kind of hero :) My problem was Catherine. Didn't like her before and didn't like her in the book either. Sigh.

Love in the Afternoon is a must read though :)

Jill D. said...

Hi Firepages! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you get a chance to visit again. I looked at your blog and it is cute. Keep up the good work!

Hilcia - Leo was such a pleasant surpise for me. He was a great hero!

Nath - Hmm... I guess Catherine didn't bother me at all. Funny that because there were other who also didn't like her. What wasn't to like?

Yeah, and I will definitely read Bea's story.