Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review - Nothing But Trouble

Title: Nothing but Trouble
Author: Rachel Gibson
Publishing Date: May 2010
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: B
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: I received a used copy from Paperbackswap.

Nothing but Trouble is part of Rachel Gibson's Chinook's Hockey series. Mark Bressler is recovering from a very bad car accident which has devastatingly ended his career as a professional hockey player for the Chinooks. To make matters worse, his team has just won the Stanley Cup and he had to sit at home and watch instead of skating on the ice with his teammates. Chelsea Ross is a struggling actress who takes a position as Mark Bressler's home health care assistant. Mark's surly demeanor and grumpy disposition will stretch her nerves to the breaking point as she tries to stick out the duration of the job for three months, which will earn her a $10,000 bonus.

Nothing but Trouble is a solid read. I enjoyed the fast paced antics between Chelsea and Mark. Mark is a grumpy bastard for the first part of the book. Gibson makes this understandable because of his circumstances and he does have his sensitive moments. Chelsea puts up with a lot in the beginning but easily dishes it out back just as good as she gets it from Mark. They are evenly matched with their explosive chemistry.

Nothing but Trouble is not a deep read by any means, but it is fun and entertaining. It does have a rather predictable confrontation at the end. However, it is not dragged out to the point of frustration. Mark and Chelsea easily work through their misunderstanding and a sweet ending is had for all. For fans of contemporary or sports themed romances, Nothing but Trouble is a quick, fun read.

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~ames~ said...

Hey, glad you liked this one! See Jane Score is one of my favorite contemporaries - so I always look forward to RG's hockey books. :P That being said, I haven't picked this one up yet. :O

Lori said...

I enjoyed it. RG is always good for an afternoon of escapism.

Lover of Romance said...

Great Review!!! I have yet to read anything from this author, but I know I need to soon with all the good things I have heard about her books!!!

Jill D. said...

Ames - I have See Jane Score on my wish list. I have been meaning to read that one for a while now.

Lori - That is how I felt about this story. It was fast and easy. It didn't really bring anything ground breaking but it was fun.

Lover of Romance - If you like contemporary/sport related romance you will want to give her a try.

nath said...

LOL, you know what I thought of it Jill, but I'm really glad you enjoyed it more :D I think I'm being picky lately. sigh.

Jill D. said...

Nath - I get in those moods too, where it seems no book can hold my interest and they all have problems. I hope this doesn't lead to a reading slump for you, because that is what usually happens to me unless I get lucky and read a really great book.