Saturday, May 31, 2008

Review - A Carnal Agreement

Title: A Carnal Agreement
Author: Silvia Violet
Publishing Date: 2006
Genre: Erotic (Historical)
Rating: B-
Sensuality: Burning

Cassandra Braxton finds herself a widow and soon to be evicted from her home. She concocts a plan to ensure her future and her freedom. She needs to prove she is pregnant with the heir before she lets the world know her husband is indeed dead and not missing. She decides on the dashing Mark Foxwood to be her baby’s daddy. He agrees to this mad scheme on one condition, that she be at his disposal anytime he dictates. Against her better judgment she agrees.

A Carnal Agreement started out slow in the beginning with the pace dragging and me struggling to turn the pages. I seemed to have a disconnection with the characters. It seemed that all Mark and Cassandra were going to do was argue and it got old after a while. Then Mark and Cassandra travel to London and the story picks up speed. They are still arguing, but the mystery surrounding Cassandra’s husband’s death starts to get interesting.

The reader is also introduced to a few secondary characters who lead to more, much needed insight into Mark and Cassandra. Cassandra through conversations with her sister Amanda and Mark with his good friend Rhys. The mystery has twist to it that I did not see coming, which was a nice surprise. The ending was less than spectacular though, after the mystery is solved. Once again the story dragged a bit at the end. This book had its fair share of problems, yet it had its good points too. Proceed at your own risk.

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