Monday, May 5, 2008

Review - Iron Kissed

Title: Iron Kissed
Author: Patricia Briggs
Publishing Date: January 2008
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: B+
Sensuality: Kisses

Iron Kissed is the third book in the Mercy Thompson series. Mercy Thompson is a VW mechanic and in her world creatures such as vampires and werewolves do exist. Mercy herself is a walker, which means she can change her form to a Coyote anytime she wants. She can also speak to ghosts. In the first book the reader learns all about the werewolf culture, the second one focuses on vampires. This one is about the fae.

There have been a string of murders happening on the fae reservation. Zee, a fae friend of Mercy’s calls in a favor. He wants her to use her Coyote nose to track the murderer. Mercy finds herself more involved than she would like when her good friend Zee becomes the prime suspect of a human murder. Mercy will do what she can to find the real murderer and get Zee out of jail.

The big question that, everyone wants an answer too is finally addressed in this book. We get right down to it. On page 4, Warren tells Mercy, “You need to choose.” Even though she has feelings for both Samuel and Adam, she can’t have both (that isn’t this kind of book). She does make her choice and I think it’s the right one - although, I would have liked more interaction between her and the man of her “choice”. After all, I am a romance reader at heart. I am hoping that in the next book the relationship will be more fully explored.

The mystery involving all the fae was very fascinating. I was totally clueless as to who the killer was and was completely shocked by the ending. Mercy’s recovery is absolutely heart-wrenching. Briggs did an amazing job of showing us Mercy’s emotions without telling us. I love Mercy she is a great heroine and I will root for her all the way. I will be on pins and needles till the next book comes out. Oh, how I can’t wait!

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Brie said...

Just finished Moon CalledM. It was very enjoyable. I have Blood Bound calling my name.

I waited until I knew who came out of the love triangle on top before I began reading this series, though. Waiting out resolutions to triangles gives me hives, and I wanted to make sure that I was rooting for the right guy the whole time.

Now that I know, I'm invested.

Jill D. said...

Brie! LOL, you spoil sport, half the fun is not knowing who she will pick! That's why I didn't say who in my review. I am glad you decided to read the series though. Mercy is great and I really enjoy the world building.

Shannon said...

This series is tied with the Troubleshooter series as my faves. I am actually ok with the lack of explicit sex. Sure, a little would be nice in the next book. I am so happy she picked that guy. I love him. Not that the other guy wasn't great. I would have had a difficult time coming to my decision, as well.

Mercy is such a real character. You can imagine knowing someone like her. She is flawed, yet has a deep inner strength. You would want her for a friend.

The villian took me by surprise a bit as well. Just before it was revealed I got a sneaking suspicion, but usually I figure it out WAY in advance. So great. And his demise? Oy! Adam was fierce. Don't piss off that werewolf!

Jill D. said...

Shannon, I am so glad I found this series. I love Mercy! I like that she isn't all kick ass, but is still a strong person. Does that make sense? I like that she has been the one to solve the problems and not rely on others, they rely on her.

I do wish there was more romance (I don't mean sex either), more interaction between her and her man. I hope the next book delivers in that respect.